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Joe? It's about putting in the basket ball. It's got six more field goals in Zabel's fear. Paul scrubs with the basketball for the musketeers out of the time out to Weli. Working on the left point centres, it up Marshall driving the right side of the lane. And we have an offensive foul. Call against Marshall is he knocks the defender to the floor out of the bucket. Put ashore, right? It'd be with chest. Tucker. So Xavier will turn it over with eight thirty to go the musketeers trailing fifty four forty seven. Xavier so relying on that Dr Butler anticipating almost all the time. The Muskateers do drive. It's being cut off in a results in a spin and a tough shot in that case, the good defensive play by Tucker to take the charge musketeers and Amanda man defense working on this remedy, George Jetson, take shit from the left point to the right point back out to the point again the Baldwin over the checkered left side of the floor post the Bronx. He's trying to pound his way on Jones with the dribble, spins baseline, reverse layup on the flange and fall to the ground and brought tumbled to the ground. Jones will be called for a foul. Another late week whistle. Jones picked up his four foul the ballgames. Joel out that that came on came in late. Really bad call by Jamie lucky there, there looked to me like actually brunch or simply lost his balance tried to make a difficult reverse layup once he stumbled hit the floor of the white whistle. Got fired up. At the free throw on a sixty eight percent free slow shooter swishes the first. Iraq's leaders now fifty five to forty seven. In favor of Bela. We have eight oh seven to play here in the second half. Chicks love and rump. Fires on the second shot that's far off the plans. No, good tile cast them with the rebound for the musketeers. Scrubs? Will bring it across the timeline working on the right side of the four left hand dribble. Top of the key in the key data castle banks thousands download the hankins spin baseline jump hook on the way. Good by the big, man. Because that's the first time in this ball game. He had an opportunity to throw a hook. Good for to Xavier trails, fifty five forty nine plenty of time left and his ballgames, everyone needs some defensive stop. So they need to find the three point shot once in a while. Top of the key mortgage. The gerbils around the top of the key inside the arc back out to the point of all left side of the floor to Tucker Tucker worker behind a screen. Stop some props. The three point shot hits it they use district enough room beautiful through from Tucker. The transfer from Duke fifty eight to forty nine. David run into we've on the perimeter. Tucker has twelve points in the ballgame. Now came into the game averaging seven butlers four three pointer this half, the drive-by well, h a finger roll is good at the front of the rim. Good for to David trails by seven fifty eight fifty one seven minutes to go. There has got to find a way to get some stops. Can't keep exchanging baskets when you're down seven like they are now while one brings it across the timeline right side of the four looks over to his bench deal with a waist-high dribble. Fourteen on the shot clock. David Amanda, Amanda, French back through Baldwin left side of the floor. Go back tuck under the corner. Jorgensen finds a shot shot. It makes a three point shot found that opening and deepen the left corner hits the three Xavier was in his own at time. Ten point lead free on the way from nausea Marshall off the iron. No, good rebound, bowel four by cow castle knocked out of bounds by foul castle. George has come off the bench in this. His ballgame be hit four three point shots the flex on the inbounds pass the ball. Stay with the musketeers timeout has been called. We're going to take a break. Six twenty eight to go sixty one fifty one. But with a ten point lead over the musketeers. This is your basketball from learfield on seven hundred wwl w. Today, speaking on behalf of Bud Light and the most sacred traditions the tailgate in my days is a collegiate Leach, I hosted the very first tailgating on woods. We didn't have coolers sports. We were basically just in the woods. But we had Bud Light. So a tailgate in was anyway, I invite you to continue my legacy and enjoy Bud Light courtesy of me at your tailgate. Also, courtesy of me. Illegally by light beer, AB, St Louis, Missouri. In today's world..

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