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They just got putting our what do you what do you. What do you want me to do. I i try to tell you the whole off season. That taylor heinecke is better than fits match-ups he wouldn't listen to me. Because i watched. Taylor heineke i late. In the season go up gave me. He came in with the business. The eagles will against carolina remember gifts and he was we care about. Yeah and he was alex smith. He was really good and then against tampa in that first round playoff game he was really good he was he was facing. He was lighten him up and he can run and obviously fits. Magic can't run much at all know and unfortunately you can't run it all right now because he's got here. I don't know how much you'll be able to run when he comes back combs. But i don't know so to me are not writing anybody off the division but here is my take away from all the above. I will admit when i saw that. Michael gallup has gone onto. I are so it's at least three weeks and could be four or five six weeks with a calf whatever strain pull. What have you and you. And i've talked about cavs for years on the show once you get one of those. Just stop shia zack. Martin have in the washing game on thanksgiving pulled. His calf early in the game on i drive done pushing. You gotta you gotta walk like you can get your done. We get that so that was discouraging decided the lease and then also i read another story. Randy gregory's on the covert list. Because he's they just flat out said he got covert but vaccinated..

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