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Eight weeks for rebate grease right now in the city. The temperature is actually going down today to forty six this afternoon. Thirty four tonight. Down to the twenties and some of the outer suburbs tonight. Tomorrow, brisk and chilly with some sunshine and a high forty three for New Year's Eve cloudy with rain in the afternoon and evening, the high forty six and a rainy ball drop with temperatures in the upper forties around midnight wins news time at the tone, twelve thirty. Good afternoon. I'm Jeff Allen. President Trump and Democrats continue to trade blame for the ongoing partial government shutdown and they're doing little to resolve the dispute Democrats say they'll pass legislation to restore funding when they take over control of the house next week, but that won't accomplish anything unless it addresses border security and the president approves correspondent Tara Mary has more from the White House. It's day of the government shutdown and neither side is willing to budge negotiations to reopen the government at a standstill with no end in sight before the new year the deadlock over the presence of man for a border wall. Democrats refusing to pass a Bill that includes funding for one of Trump's main campaign promises and the president now raising the stakes tweeting, quote, we'll be forced to close the southern border entirely. The obstructionist Democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall. President Trump has cancelled his New Year's plans and says he'll remain in Washington until a deal is reached wins. News time, twelve thirty one..

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