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Do you come across guys like? Oh that guy's scared. You could see it in some quarterbacks and it's not the quarterback they're planning against us that defense but you could see it like we knew certain quarterbacks we played against we get one good hit. We get to talk in a little bit. Get that pressure coming. You could see it ball coming out. Quick he's not even looking at the receiver just getting the ball out saying there's guys out there watch. Does that happen this year? What somebody's quarterbacks but does that play the younger guys because I think the mindset that guy gets happy feet when guys get closed them and everything but he's got a workout of veteran guys like that. It's the older guys young guys. They get hit too many times and they start there. I'm thirty eight quick. So these these defenses are sophisticated where they're gonNA take away to college era. Where the ball's BOP BOP BOP BOP right? They're gonNA take away your number one option. They're gonNA make you pull that down. Okay now we gotta go to our progression. All we got TUCK and run. We gotta go so usually when you take away guys. I first option if he's in that type of system he's talking and going because he hasn't had time or a smaller pocket pockets caving in now's when that pressure starts to kick in. It's not a lot of guys are still comfortable toys. That can sit there and be like oh I gotta come off of him there is oh. Let me come back. Let me come back here and deliver. There's not a lot of guys like that. Trust me so after a couple of times when you guys these these monsters coming off the edge up the middle these these Chris Jones and von Miller in and all these other guys coming off the ads and delivered a blow. Aaron Donald's you you you that. That's what starts to trickle up a little bit more. Trust me I listen. I have no doubt about it. Is You've seen it in the big games. Think about it. I'm not gonNA mention any guys but you've seen it last year and the year before in the biggest games would that pressure start to hit the biggest game spaghetti. What Games he talking about? Just say well. We'll figure that out once you leave we'll do we'll we'll try to read. T ball starts coming off that backfoot. They're just trying to get it. Oughta there I see that returns me. Now see now. We're bagging the off season. This is the time where we should just assemble an NFL worthy defense. I just want to see if I can drive an off an NFL offense for points to be a touch. Now start the ball at the forty my own forty. I think I could. I could drive the team. You know thirty yards and get a feel you. Yeah me. Yeah me a quarterback. I mean it had of the ball off every time you gotta be like you gotTa have a lot. I'll bear I'M GONNA. I'm GONNA hand the ball off a lot willie at one point. You do a flip pass. We don't shovel. We don't need the nonsense. We don't need the gadgetry that's selling out. That's that's not what I'm about forty nine us. One of their plays as sweet passed a little pie. Dump it off the Deebo Samuel Boop. I'm old school. I don't do that newfangled jive. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA look I'm GONNA I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA run the ball going to run the ball and run the ball but then my number one receiver. This is the one. This is the one I'm going to give him the signal. Then stopping lay action. Bang one time. I go quick hits. He's distant some like Hey. Speaking of you mentioned the combine and a quick question for you about that is Isaiah Simmons. You're legitimately I I do site you I say Cam. Newton is the number one specimen. I've ever seen as a football player when you stand next to me like. Oh Yeah. You're the biggest dude on the field. But I always cite like Willie. Mcginest is a sight to behold if you're in his company that's that is a big dude who is as Simmons is a guy who is a sort of capable. It looks like to be the next derwin James Type. How hard is that to do that? Because of the bill that inbetween sized you remember David Filter you too young or Steve Atwater. Those guys who were like they built like linebackers water water was a beast safety and he he does look like a linebacker. Right run I will say this but atwater played safety and colleagues correct. You know what I talked about it a couple years ago and I don't remember exactly what the split play more safety. Yeah and then the linebacker so Isaiah. Everybody wants to put him. I'm saying that's what I'm asking is. What do you do hybrids dog? Why why would a professional evaluator asked me or anybody? What do I do with him? I have a problem with that. Like the number one thing you WanNa do with guys that can affect every single play if he's a linebacker while won't put him at safety now. There's some strange defense that I want to draw people off and put him at safety for to do something. Okay that's great. I'll put him in a box. He's a linebacker now. We know he can lineup in star glide up outside and cover he can do all those different things. He's covering tight ends. He's covering backs. I'm not putting him against the retail. I'm not putting them against keenum Alan. I'm not putting against somebody's receivers. He like it's good. He did that in college. These guys around him in the League so it's not the same and let's plan zone okay. I want him in a box. If he's that fast then he can cover the Tynan's running backs if they stay in the block. He can rush. 'cause we know he can rush if they run the ball. Is he a willing tackler? Does HE WANNA come up? And play that line of scrimmage. That's the question about him. Is He physical? Does HE WANNA play? The line of scrimmage. Because if I'm playing against the forty niners. Guess what you got to play to run. If you plan against the Ravens you gotTA play to run. If you plan against Seattle you gotTA play run and I can go on and on and on Tennessee. Bring it bring your lunch. We're not gonNA throw the ball fifty times a game Jimmy G. Well that's going to be Tom in the playoffs. Only to twenty six times in two games you gotTA play to run until you can stop it so if this kid is advertised we know about all the coverage stuff. We're going to use him in that. Of course but we're also GONNA use him to affect the pocket more than anything. Get after the quarterback play the run cover Guan cover. I'M NOT GONNA waste him by putting a mess safety because now I can scheme against him. Being twenty twenty twenty five yards off the ball. He doesn't affect the play every play from back there. He just doesn't. It is a different era because yes along without water there was also David Fuller. Who was I mean? Nearly that big to water was a safety like yeah. I'm into the League. As safety we didn't we didn't question. Oh should we put him at linebacker. Did he hit like a linebacker? Hail Year Dirani. Lot hit like a linebacker tail year. Dirani Harrison hit like a linebacker hail. Yeah that's just that's just one of the qualities they had. They hit linebackers. So I can bring knows guys in the box when we when we got covered three or something and we know that they can play like a hybrid linebacker like Derwin James. Right like the Seattle Seahawks Chesler Kam Chancellor Guy like that. We can play in a box. That's a force so that's just one of his qualities but these guys are safeties so I think with him. He's a linebacker but I won't. I'll take him out of the box and put them as safety. I'm not GonNa take full advantage of all his all his skills. That's all I'm saying. Couple more things. I mentioned Cam Newton and the that he evokes in other professional football players tyreek hill speed. Lamar Jackson speed comes to mind. Rashad Evans just a week ago. Sat here and was talking. There's something that stands out like. I've seen a lot of fast guys. There's not quickness which. What if there was one if there were four somewhere in that range? Is there a single physical aspect of one guy like? Oh Kyle long was just talking about Aaron Rodgers arm that when you see that thing in person for first time. You're like WHOA. That thing is on a different level. Is there another thing is you know Durell Rivas Jam? Anything like that one thing. I've never seen anything like that I think when you talk depending on what position anything or whatever get off. Yeah like a defensive end or outside linebacker Derrick Thomas cat quick get off like von Miller. Cat quit get off inside Aaron. Donald like he's so explosive. Those type of things quickness weakness an explosion like you gotTa have their the two together. You can be quick and soft and get get punched up in jam right but if you're quick and you're strong in your explosive and your hands are violent. I think those things are the intangibles that separate the greats from just the goods in the case so you name a couple of different positions like four DB. Does he have ketchup speed? If you beat off the ball can you catch up to the guy like Dion Sanders of the world like those type of guys? The catch ups be were doesn't really matter what happens at the line like the balls and retract it. Track the ball and probably come down with the ball and make a big play. You know what I mean or like a Lewke okay. Who's recently retired but one of the best at the game at identifying what the players digestion boom get into the play like right now he's GonNa read the formation and by the time the ball gets to where it needs to be he's they're meeting the ball or intercepting the ball or making a big hit because he digest information processes so fast that he's able to make those type plays so I think those little intangibles from the defensive side of the ball. Make you special and separate you from other players. That's the one that I threw out. That really is the hardest to fathom for for me and I think for a lot of fans is that Durrell Rivas like. He's he was a physical specimen in in certain regards. But the thing more than anything else is I. I would ask guys all the time. What is it wise Durell Rivas just a shutdown guy and they would just say because you can't get by him when the ball is snapped. He just manhandles you. I'm like really that just happens every week. And there's just no whip in him because he would just put his hands on you and just stop him like first of all he like leverage. I wouldn't say it was the strongest you know defensive back or whatever but he leverage his foot work is understanding of routes Understanding if you're in a certain position we're kinda route. You can't run what you're able to run taking that away his football Iq and knowing when to jam not over being over aggressive because he'd be overaggressive miss get beat And being able like just instincts.

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