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See this is the difference between the healthy communication and unhealthy way to do it. So this is just my story. So Landen's on the road all the time traveling a whole bunch, and he really gets used to living in hotels where takes off his clothes and throws them on the floor. And usually like, you know, the housekeeper will come in your room, the person Clinton Rome will come in and clean it up and put it on the chair for him. Well, I am not that person. And that's not my job. So I was just like done with all the clothes getting thrown on the floor. I said, I'm not picking them up anymore. So that stuff lived there for like two weeks. And then he finally end which was a killed me. But then he finally got the picture, but I feel like I my resentment and my frustration slowly built over those two weeks and had I just come out in the beginning with that healthy communication and talked about it in a better way than I could save myself. You know? A couple of weeks of stress, and and just thinking about it or you know, stewing in my own. I don't know what apps. I just can't believe he would just sit there and wait for her to come home. Yeah. I do not like that. So gross. That needs a conversation. Fo sho said, it could be situationally you're describing where maybe he was living at home all that time and his mom or dad was making all the food for the family. Who knows what his routine before he got married, but. Sometimes so often like I really thought in my head that land and cared so much about the bed being made every morning. That's that became like my job really because he never made the bed when I was playing his house when I was like dating him. He never makes the bed. Okay. I'll do it. So then he got used to having the bed made. And then I thought oh, he he likes the bed made every morning. And then when I was in a rush, and I didn't do it. I would have this just insane. Guilt. Like, oh my God. It didn't make the bed. He's going to come upstairs and judge me for it. And I create this whole narrative in my head of what he's thinking about my inabilities in my lack of whatever. Look at her. She's you know, that whole phrase of sitting on the couch eating bon-bons that they always use with women. Like, that's what I have the story my head. And so I just asked him about it. And I said something like, you know, does it bother you that I didn't make the bed today. And he was like literally I have not ever thought about you not making a bad once in our entire relationship. And that was like a thought that consumed me, I mean, I was thinking about all the time. So a lot of times, I think the things that we do or don't do or we have these stories of what we think the other person is thinking, and they're so often not correct. Yeah. You have to talk about him because you'd be surprised at how many assumptions we make that are just living in our brain and not anybody else's..

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