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The time and we do have a new day with new questions after one of donald trump junior's lawyers acknowledged that his client received an email offering some damaging information on hillary clinton but it's it's it's different now we've had some breaking news coming out of that donald trump jr himself releasing these emails that show our that the russian government did want to help the trump campaign let's go right now to our bloomberg white house reporter shannon petty peace she said that's now by phone i talking to us about this because shannon i understand that this is very fluid and you got to move you got a lot of stuff nothing ever the transom so i appreciate she taken a few minutes to explain what happened let's step back and go pointbypoint where did this allstar he released these emails are it appeared new york times had chekalin information campaign by coming out about the um had gone b o email and and it it sounds like i get the beyond what various corners have dinner party on twitter at that um to publish ban and so he got ahead of the ball i said i p r one online and put the madam down with down statement um diet yeah banquet published an entire email exchange that i get thumb it up uh and he was approached by the public had contact and russia dane they had damaging information on hillary clinton that it way affect on information and that it was part of russia and at the government support for mr trump said that her begum from the email so that it was clearly the russian government to help the trump campaign um and then give emails trying to set up in one email the russian meyer described it the russian government lawyer um and uh and another point yeah come junior by he'll include crusher and manafort on and may now that they knew about the meeting in advance as well um the woman name is not the russian liars name is not included in that but yeah and two three and from the email now here's the guy that they russian government attorney put flying over from moscow for the uh thursday so um that story has kind of evolved uh come trump junior about what the meeting with about um about adoption identical to be about dumb dirt on hillary clinton but he didn't know who it was and now.

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