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WCBS news time seven eleven a New York City firefighter in full dress uniform was charged with drunk driving and sheep's at bay after hitting a pedestrian on the sidewalk this marine Parkway in Quentin road. Matthew Wilson thirty six was driving a firefighters union vehicle away from fallen firefighters. Steve Pollard's funeral when he allegedly hit the pedestrian police officers say police officers say Wilson refused to take a Breathalyzer test. WBZ news time seven twelve. Times with for sports. I here's Chris lopresti. This is total domination by the chiefs today. They lead the colts twenty four to seven but their defense is actually pitching a shutout loan colts touchdown came on a blocked. Punt recovered in the end zone. Andrew lock second in the NFL with thirty nine touchdown passes. The season has nothing cooking at Arrowhead stadium. Chiefs having scored in the second half either. But they're in control up by seventeen with under ten minutes to go and assuming they hold on. They will host either the patriots at the chargers in next week's AFC championship game still to come tonight divisional round match up between the Rams and the Cowboys at the Coliseum at eight fifteen kickoff. The Rangers began the day. Oh, six and one against the islanders in games played at Barclay center. Finally into the win column after edging the aisles afternoon two to one metre Carello had the tie-breaking goal in the third period. Three game losing streak over for the devils. Do they held out the flyers at prudential center? Three to two local college hoops, Saint John's into the top twenty five rankings number twenty four in the country. But they're trailing to Paul right now at carnesecca thirty five thirty three early on in the second half early. Seton Hall lost at Marquette, seventy seven to sixty Rutgers was no match for Minnesota falling eight to seventy and what sports I at twelve and forty two best every hour. I'm Chris lopresti. What's in store for your business this week at Staples doing business like a CEO.

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