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Named secretary of keeping it real in her cabinet, which means second. That's the Idiocracy pretty much, but The Simpsons came out first. Look at the driver right now. We're looking at Ah, better conditions. Now on the I five door found Dr. Getting through. J B lm still kinda heavy as you approach the main gate without the crash there that's blocking, partially blocking the right lane. But a 40 minute trip from Olympia to Tacoma is not too bad to come itself is really not all that bad, then federal way to Seattle's rolling along at a pretty good clip 30 minutes now on that driver's very nice, Despite the slowing you'll get at the North end rented the Bellevue still about a half an hour's we're dealing with slowing as you work your way up past the landing and the exit there to the Boeing plant. Out of the north, and there is more slowing through the Mountlake Terrace area through that construction zone there right near the Lynwood Light rail project. There is going towards the Lynwood station, looking at 38 minutes from allover the Everett area down to Seattle in about 33 from ever to be so much better there, and the drive across the lake is fine. My radio. Real time traffic on the threes. I'm Chris Sullivan. There of you. Farewell drops falling and ever right now, But this series of rain squalls has gone away. It is moving east, Nick says there's more behind it, but that's not on radar yet, so we'll take care of that later. 44 at the Carter Subaru studio and coming up on Seattle Morning News. Ali has a chokepoint for us. Yes, we do. We're going to take a look at the expansion of the express toll lanes on four or five, this time from Bellevue, South. The rented next on Cairo Radio. It's Rachel Bell and the newest episode of My Podcast. Your Last Meal features top chef Ilham Carla Hall, who changed the way she cooked after finding out where in Africa her enslaved ancestors were from. When I did the DNA test, I cry..

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