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Okay. Everybody pop quiz. What do all of these movies have in common? You listening okay. Number One. The bodyguard number two the produce wife number three Purple Ring Number four waiting to exhale number five. Mo Money Number six boomerang. Have you thought about it as it times up there are all examples of what? I'm giving flowers to this week in the part of the show that we call Tracy's flowers. Oh my gosh. I can't believe it's time for traces flowers again. This is what they fired. Shell MEDAC. That wasn't mean somebody in the stands. Just rockets rock is in the stands so if you have not figured it out by now this week my flowers go to a drum roll please. It turns out that all twenty of the top highest grossing movie soundtracks of all time were made before the year. Two thousand that is mathematical proof friends and family that soundtracks today our trash in listen. I Dunno math. I understand that math though. They're terrible now. When is the last time that you heard a bomb ass movie soundtrack? Go ahead thing about it. Eggs Agley has been exactly forever. I love movie. Soundtracks specifically from the pre two thousand era because they gave us so much. They were pretty much compilation albums that featured all of our favor artists. That were out of the time right. For example the moment soundtrack gave us a duet by Janet Jackson. A Luther Vandross black song in the world does Wanna say them. Purple Rain gave us Purple Rain. Which you should know the boomerang. Soundtrack gave us so much. Amazing Vintage Toni. Braxton like Pixie cut toni. Braxton Lake just on the scene Toni Braxton like love. Shoulda brought you home last night. Toni Braxton plus end of the road by the boys to men. Do you remember that Song? It was everywhere it was on this soundtrack also pm. Don's die without you. Also on that soundtrack I could go on and on about this. And if you don't mind I think I will. Because Whitney shout out to the absolute undisputed Queen of the movie soundtrack the late Great Nippy. Houston who gave us the preacher's wife the bodyguard and of course waiting to exile. Can I get a shoop shoop okay? So let's talk about what was on this soundtrack. You got exile the shoop shoop song which is really fun to say aretha. Talking about a role is still a rose which it is. And there's that song that Sean pay more may singing in a completely made up language.

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