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All right. While we're waiting for another question, I'll talk about that, Brad. So what are a couple of things you're looking for when you're playing live. So give me an example of a good table, so table selection, something I don't do a lot when I come out to Vegas. I'll just sit at a table in battle versus in the office. That's probably not going to be the best hourly, but I don't care. And I think I'll be one of the better players at the table. But if someone was table selecting and just trying to say, okay, let's take a stab or you're going to get up from the table or you're going to just never leave the table. Can you kind of give me examples of both? This might care of, right? If the table's loud, probably a good table. If there's a lot of talking, a lot of banter, people are laughing, yelling, having fun, that's probably a really good game. And the game's quiet, nobody's talking, nobody's communicating or engaging the game's probably not so good. And you just get them to find that just the hell out of their childhood. Try to keep moving each other. Yeah, I'm kind of kind of ridiculous in that since I have too much pride, ego. You're just sitting there like me and just go for my care, there's old articles of him or he would sit down in the cache table, take out a $100 bill and just eat it at the table just to people think he's crazy. I mean, 2013, 14 at commerce. I remember a specific session that I've talked about on my podcast, but Garrett sat on my left, right? When Garrett walked up to the table, it was kind of like musical chairs. You know, everybody's just like moving to the empty seat and I am like, no, there is not a poker player in the world who's going to make me stand up and move. So he tended to sit directly on my left and one night. He re bat me every single time that I opened for about 5 hours straight after I got we were playing 2040, I bought in for four K, I doubled up through him and then I wanted to in KPop through him again. And then it was like four or 5 hours straight of like three betting meeting every time I open. I'm so stubborn that I'm like, nah, man. I'm not gonna I'm not changing seats and you're gonna make me a losing player in this game. And you're gonna make yourself a losing player in this game. We're going down together. We're going down together. Which is not the greatest of the decisions from a monetary standpoint, but no, I don't know that. That's just kind of how I approach things. Competitive itch, right? At the same time. He's trying to be the alpha? And I'm like, all right. Let's battle. I'm not afraid of anybody. So you have to ask about that. I just wanted to know how deep you went when you did go play live into the table selecting yourself because we all, you know, obviously you're going to know the difference between the good and bad table or you're just going to get up from that table or are you going to go try to find the fun table or are you just going to sit and battle? I'm more of the sitting battle and hope the table turns good and if it's really bad get up kind of guy so is there a problem where you just get up inside this table's turn? It's not for me anymore. I'm going to go play over there. Yeah. I typically just stand up and then my session kind of ends. Sure. We are kisses in the audience here. All right, can you hear me? Yeah, we can. Awesome. So I had a question. My local card rooms, pretty good distance for me, probably about three and a half hours, so I only get out there, probably about once a month. But we're planning an extended trip on Memorial Day weekend. And one of the things that we noticed is they are having huge high hand promotions that weekend. Anywhere from a thousand to $5000 every hour and a half hour for high hands. And it's 32 table card room. So what kind of adjustments should I be prepared for in my game or what are things am I going to see that I need to be aware of because of this? I have no idea. I still have a good question. This room is a $100 an hour. We're expecting to see a ton of people and have every table full which usually you see maybe half the tables going. Yeah, it takes like, I think players, the thing is in live poker players tend to play way too many hands as is. And they'll probably just play more hands now with the high end. So you're just going to have to be in many more multi way pots. Even though you're consistently in multi way bots flame like look at anyway. Yeah, I would say to that because I was literally in this situation and I don't play a lot of cash. A couple of weeks ago I went to a room. They had a high hand promotion that was a bit bigger than they usually have, which brought out a lot of players. Who this strategy tended to be people limping in with all their student connectors and hands like that and suited paint aces and whatnot to try to hit high hands. And over calling raises to those hands. So a little strategic advice that you will probably run into, you're going to run into players like that, especially at one three, I would say, is make sure your eyes, you're just raising your strong value hands back. And extracting max value, especially on like a king 6 three run outs or dry runouts like that, heads up. I mean, you know, big sizings with the top of your range to get max value because they're going to have those king ten king Jack Keane queen king 9 two that type hands that they'll just pay off with. It's not fun. Situations like that. So they're.

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