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Up at eight thirty at eight fifty will tell you what's happening with Allie McKay but then at the top of the hour at nine AM we give you the power to pick the song that will play on the world famous K. rocket is way too much power too much responsibility but we do it every week and we're excited for you to do it so stay tuned to be texting in songs that you want to hear but before that we were talking yesterday about TV shows that you would love to see a spin off one of the characters is so good you'd like to see a spin off of that and follow that character on in further adventures sure and who wants to start well when you think about a spin off I think the most recent would be better call Saul yeah definitely want them to you if you think back it's like okay you cheers then you'd Fraser so often times there's one character that you're like All I Want to hear the rest of their story why do I not know it I have a few first off is a show on HBO from Israeli called in secure it's one of my favorite shows but there is a stand out on that show and she plays Kelly it's Natasha Rothwell I want to see her in everything I'm telling you right now every time she's on the screen and like all she is magic but maybe it maybe you were an unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt follower man great generate show everyone on that show was wonderful yes but there is one character that I want to find out everything about him watching him every scenario and that character is Titus I vividly remember all my past lives there's Cyrus the first openly gay slave of phones who almost invented the reason I'm Napoleon a very sick parrot he is the battle ease of all those you almost getting how could anyone else have played that role it's like a they had to have cast him knowing what I feel like also the characters Titus and his name is Titus purchased they were like we need to find they found them Tracy Jordan and Tracy Morgan that's true very similar yeah okay I made no secret of this on first watch of berry I came in and it was it was yeah it was my lesson knowing peaky blinders because I would not shut up about Perry but the rest of us it started watching a relatively you guys got black P. blinders as you have still not I never watch tonight but I started talking about this character so much that his management reached out get it you love them do you want to men yes we do because that character is Anthony Kerrigan's no whole Hank enough we knocked on the wall it would really open the plants are not clean up the blood maybe add some French doors anything possible right there you know just reference if he's been talking about a trap house he is so good every single I mean you're on a show with Henry Winkler and bill hater and you are stealing every single scene I want to spin off of no hell Hank you guys I agree mine is someone into a television this character since I was a child person I relate to so much so much so that I have a tattoo of him this is a mill house from The Simpsons if mill house got his own show I would be thrilled I pulled some of my favorite mill.

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Allie Mckay discussed on Kevin and Bean

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