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To be a hall of Famer but crank door in the run game for Miami. That's something that the Minnesota Vikings have struggled with has of late in the latter part of the season. So unfortunate, you know, when you go back and watch their game against the patriots are our offense. Ran the ball really well against the patriots assists that we abandon the run. I think firmer call right? We were averaging nine yards a carry. And then we just got started stop running the football. But they did the same thing. I mean, they they went out and ran the football really really well against that patriot defense and again going back to Riley earlier, Frank gore. They had him running a lotta outside stretch zone. You see a lot of these these players doing now the stretched out, and they hope for cutback or some sort of crease in the front side, and that's not his style. And they he went back to the coordinator engaged and said, hey, I need to run more downhill and do what I do best. They've been doing that much more success one first down. So these guys can be more physically run the ball down with him. And then it drink out on the outside of all the cutbacks. Slashing van real quick. Your predictions today to the Vikings get back on track with three games remaining. Yeah. I think they do actually think this game is going to be a thirty one to thirteen affair favor. The vikings. I have a lot of confidence in what fancies doing. I think these guys on offense are gonna play fast, especially home, and I expect some job. Take advantage of their aggressive safety. Awesome work as always, thanks. Bart. Thank you. Ben Ben Lieber for Minnesota Vikings linebacker. They're vikings. Football Sunday has been brought to you by US Bank. The official Bank of the Minnesota. Vikings kickoff is coming up at news or six six at one. Minnesota Vikings taken on the seventy six. Miami Dolphins next going up Mike Zimmer nephew with the voice of the Minnesota. Vikings Paul Allen, and you're gonna catch it right here on the Minnesota. Vikings radio network. Thanks to you Bank. Your Banking's done it. A few clicks have time to get more done like wakeup stretch. Go to meetings. Go to the gym convince yourself you like the gym. I really liked it. A US Bank checking account with online and mobile access allows banking your life. Call eight hundred seven to obey. Visit a branch or go to US Bank dot com slash checking US Bank, the power of banker. Visit US.

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