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Have just been beyond. What anybody could really expect the FBI brought in resources from all over the country. DOJ had our resources were here on the ground today. Trying to help the community recover victim witness people are up here along with those from the local and federal level. There's a lot of people that are very motion about recovery, Jamie. It's a happy thing. But now we have to work in the recovery process. And we've reached out to a lot of professionals to help this young lady and her family reunited. All right. Let's bail out of the press conference. Now. It's now everybody thanking everybody and repeating. Yes, it's wonderful. We never gave up hope etc. FBI agents said that and as obviously legitimate in real is the as is the excitement level is very high when any outcome like this happens where this little girl was found alive and the obvious that the police the investigator didn't give up hope. And kept on going and the extrordinary links. They took to hopefully have the outcome that they did the only real information. We have is the name of the suspect was released. Jake Paterson twenty one years old being charged. We'll be charged two counts of murder, the parents of Jamie one kidnapping and a little bit about how it came down that woman walking her dog discovered. Jamie who had asked for help the woman went to a neighbor woman recognize who Jamie was immediate went to a neighbor who called nine one one. And the police showed up originally we thought that Patterson was in a house. He actually was stopped on the street. He was in his vehicle of which Jamie had just described to the police and they picked him up, and it was arrested. And that's the real information. We have now to the point where thank you. Thank you. We feel wonderful terrific. It's it's legitimate. But we're hearing that from many sources all right, if anything I know that you guys are paying attention. So if anything more comes out will obviously repeat that from the press conference. All right coming up. Let's talk about the billion dollar budget. Yeah. Why not will? Because obviously, we're modifying the show today. Because the press conference wasn't expected. It was only announced just a little while ago is going to happen. All right. When we come back, the new billions of dollar budget for California Gavin Newsom, no surprise on a lot of it. But one one major surprise that really Gavin Newsom is going to do that. I mean in a good way. All explain. All right. Jennifer Jones Lee, you're going back over our top story a thirteen year old girl from Wisconsin who disappeared when her parents were murdered has been found three months later. Jamie class was spotted last night in a town about sixty miles from our home. After apparently escaping from captivity. Police have arrested a twenty one year old man who's the day say killed Jamie parents then kidnapped her and the US military says it has started the process of during Trump troops from Syria. Activists reported seeing about ten armored vehicles and some trucks crossing the Syrian border yesterday into Iraq. We'll take a look at your commute with the KFI in the sky and a crash on the five next all friendships change. But the good ones, they get stronger.

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