Rod Rosenstein, Doug Rader, Deputy Attorney General discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Some, people still missing stone county sheriff Doug Rader two of the seven injured are in critical condition deputies say that a powerful thunderstorm. With seventy mile an hour winds struck as the duck boat. Was trying to return to the doc it's thing, to the bottom of table rock lake deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein also confirms Russian's hacked the elections. Russian effort to influence the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign is just one tree in a growing forest speaking at a security conference. In Colorado. Rosenstein says, the Justice department plans to. Notify Americans fits these foreign governments targeting your selections Fox. News we record you decide Iheartradio is the easy to use app for music and radio. Download the. Free iheartradio, app today From coast to coast and worldwide on, the. Internet, this. Is coast to coast AM with George.

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