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Thank you for your faithful support. Now, here's our speaker. Dr Michael Ziglar, a preschool teacher was helping one of her students put on his snow boots to go outside to play. He was pulling and she was pushing and still the stubborn little boots did not want to go on his feet by the time. She got the second boot on she'd worked up sweat. She stood him up on his feet, and he took a couple of steps and said teacher, they're on the wrong feet. She checked and sure enough they were so she sat him back down and pull them off. And they were just as difficult to get off as they worked to put on swapped them around got him on the right feet this time and as soon as she got him on he said to her teacher. These aren't my boots. Now, a lesser human being might have shouted in his face. Why didn't you say something earlier, but she remained calm and she helped him pull those boots off his feet again. And once she pulled them off he says to her teacher does my brother's boots. And my mom had me wear them today. Teacher didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. She mustered up the grace again, though to put the boots back on his feet stood him up put his winter coat on and let him out to the door. And she asks him now where are your gloves smiles and says, we're doing my boots. Raising people is not a fast.

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