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I mean i'm familiar with the environment of universities and especially in arts and humanities programs and so it really was just the email that set diversity in equity official and i saw its so if if they're going to make accusations against me which they ended up doing they ended up accusing me of violating like a human rights code right fenjiang provincial yes firm mariners who don't know provinces are a lot like states only a little cillier continue yes and also violated the universities gender violence and sexual assault policy you tell us how how because a lot of you're watching i've read the article we've written about it letter of creditor com but how did you violate sexual assault policy it has by proxy of showing dr peterson's views i created a transphobic environment and legitimise trans phobia which makes me transphobic dr even i don't know if you know we're not poker speak quite sold there was a tremendous uproar in canada and this event and i would say almost all of it let's say favorable to lindsey but there's been a backlash in recent days as the radical leftist tight reorganize and she has now beat accused by a fair number of people at correct me if i'm wrong lindsay of hopes areas and sakamaki's by the way lindsay being very accommodating and she's in a public space right now so this is this is new media baby let's go with it continue its okay well.

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