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Get up this morning we'll do that next marcellus and travis espn early so marseils we we're talking with amaury there we were sort of you and our talking conversation than about mba do minnesota cocky plate for mike dantonio phoenix and they got i don't wanna say that got close because they didn't get close they were good yes that's that's the right word made you think they made think they could make pension yeah they had to lakers number they never got the finals and that happen and mike the antoni has got his guys playing dan tony basketball again this time in houston they've gotten the top seed locked up at the western conference and homefield our home court advantage and all that locked up so he could be rust in his players he's not buying any of that check this out be arrested blame as good ankle that's not good and they have enough for us you know again thing how became bowl just that seventeen replay messing around so it should be a problem so i it's interesting i mean it it it there really is a philosophical approach to this do you just keep playing doing what you do we're past ball players we played basketball we're going to stay sharp we're gonna keep playing but when you got to lead the way that they do marcellus and they've got a leap of no no no one's going to catch him no don't you james harden is playing a lot of minutes this season chris paul is always a guy that breaks down in the playoffs or seemingly does.

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