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Has Spotify's podcast bet paid off, the latest from our daily newsletter, a pod used .NET. Bloomberg businessweek has posted an article suggesting that the company's investments haven't yet yielded a major hit and containing criticism of dawn ostrov growth strategy, we'll link to that today from our newsletter and our show notes at pod news dot net. And also in our newsletter today, Ariel Nissan blatt on roe versus wade and what podcasters can do. Hot pot insider has reported that Spotify original breaking bread with the oshri sisters may be its biggest hit yet, but it was mysteriously not promoted by Spotify at all. It was number two for most of last week. Head car has just announced that it signed tig and Cheryl true story to the head gun podcast network. The show features comedian Tig Notaro and actor Sheryl Hines, who discuss a new documentary every week. Tried and digital has published its Canada podcast report for may, WarnerMedia is a new participating publisher, Dateline NBC remains number one, SXM media the network that's number one for podcasts. Want less background noise on your microphone. The university of Stuttgart might be able to help by inventing a microphone that uses quantum light, improving the signal to noise ratio by over half a DB. The results are mainly based on the high rate at which we generate entangled photons as well as the subsequent quantum state conversion from a multi photon state to a single photon state, explains project coordinator doctor Florian Kaiser. Remote recording tool riverside has updated its iOS app to use external mics. It's Android app to support host and producer modes and now offers higher quality video backup files. AJ Feliciano and Jeff Ramsey from rooster teeth spoke at VidCon, saying if you want your podcast to reach as many people possible, it needs to follow consumers to their favorite platforms, and bun sprout has added a new share page for all buzzsprout website, we link to the share page on pod lands website today. It's a Monday, so time for some tech stuff. How about open graph? Have you been using that recently? It's got a number of properties around audio and we've been putting those meta headers in our page headers for some time linking to the podcast version of our daily updates. Seems to work too. We're seeing around 40 downloads a day of this very show from Trello and LinkedIn apps on iOS among other things. We've recently switched to MP3 to see if that's more widely supported than our AAC file. Pod news podcast pages also now highlight when a show doesn't have a trailer in its RSS feed and a mini player for trailers in our press releases page has appeared too over the weekend. How are shows doing with earning money through streaming sets, curio Caster has posted their chart, including how much revenue has been earned. We, this very podcast, are there at number 11. Thank you for your support. If you're not yet listening to this show through fountain, we would probably recommend that. It's an easy way to give us streaming sets. And we appreciate your support. And you'll want to be alerted every time a podcast does a live stream, podcasts live is the Twitter account for you. It links to the live stream and to a chat service too using the live item tag from the new podcast namespace more details on that and everything else in our show notes and our newsletter pod use dot net. And in podcast news, the history extra podcast from BBC history magazine is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary to date it's had over 150 million downloads. It publishes 6 times a week. They tell us their top 5 download countries are the U.S., the UK, Australia, Canada, and China. And they're most listened to episode was a year in medieval England from October 2015, which has had over 293,000 downloads. Its 1999 and enron finance manager Jim Yang has received an email from the future, then everything changed. Boom is new today from stack, put on your dungarees, reconnect your dial up and get ready to be thrust into the heart of America's tech boom, where nothing is, as it seems. Projects unabom is the latest podcast from Apple TV plus and goes live today has to buy journalist Eric Benson and produced by Odyssey's pineapple street studios. The podcast explores the story of serial bomber Ted Kaczynski and what drove him to his dystopian vision and the wittering white halls is new from global featuring Michael and Hillary Whitehall, mom and dad to comedian Jack Whitehall with a combined social following of nearly a million. They've gone on to become a much loved comedy duo themselves and they're acting as agony aunts if you like the duo will share their.

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