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I mean, what you know, works shows are our attitude as a lead. You know, diversity is paramount in our league and given, you know, given you know, Nancy shied, and we'd knew it, Amy could do given Lisa shot this year to us is, is just like smart. I mean not only do they have the cash shea and our hall of fame. Some of the best players that ever touched the ball. But you know they have the passion and you know, to me is really all about, you know, wanting to do the job and taking his serious and Nancy. You know show what she's all about last year, and that's why she wanted to championship. And I, expect Lisa to come in, and do well, Cotino Mobely put it best. He said, you know, women taught us how to walk in speak. They can damn show show is how to dribble and shoot. So, you know, I it's, it's a no brainer to us is, you know, it's not a hard decision to make. It's very easy. Few minutes left here with ice cube on the rich Eisen show. All right. Let's talk about the NBA right now. Yeah. You think the warriors are gonna take it all regardless of what we're seeing the conference finals? Right. Yep. I do. I think you know they've been there. They know what it takes. They've had a little, you know, I guess adversity, you know during the season in now and I think the guys on the floor have something to prove, you know, even though they've won championships in this day, you know, third. I mean it was what third and fourth in five years, and that they. Still wanna prove, you know, if they have to do it without Katie that, you know, they're able to step up to that challenge and a team that's that deep with something to prove is dangerous. You think katie's out the door? A lot of people think he's already made his decision. Everybody on his team says he is not I think it would be nuts to, to assume that he's gonna leave right now to you know, it's like he's, he's going to be a three time champion right here, you know. And he has nothing approved to me, you know, so keep when you've been would be, you know, him to me, just Sean, you still feel like he has some improved. But to me, you know, he's still wanted to best, you know, two three players in the world ever. I don't know what ever you know, it's like ever ever ever, ever, Kevin Durant. I mean if he but what I'm saying is if he stays there and he keeps winning. He's got five six rings by the end of his warrior thing you wouldn't be able to sit there and sees one of the greatest of all time, like, of course on. I'm gonna say he's wanted to greatest of all times, you know, but I'm always say one of the greatest, you know, I, I don't think you can measure all times and in terms of what we're seeing in the Eastern Conference finals. We could talk about Janas and, and we could also talk about Colli, but so many people talking about Drake putting his hands nurse. What'd you figure that you him putting on the face having a good time? You know, me I don't out. I wouldn't you know, step over that line and, and make myself part of the game in any kind of way other than just being a fan maybe yelling at a reference to, but, you know, you know, he's the king of Canada. And he can do what he wanted..

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