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You know, I think he's right around that nineteen or twenty range. But I know again, we're, we're in the fantasy era where everything's about stats and quarterback rating, and that's all that people look at. I think that at least half the league have thrown twenty eight interceptions twenty eight touchdowns and seven interceptions playing quarterback for that Rams team was Sean McVeigh's offense. So I don't always look at stats and go, oh yeah, that's a great year. No, it's the context of that stats. I'm not gonna give Jared Goff a whole lot of credit when he throws a ball behind the line of scrimmage, the Todd Gurley and he runs for an eighty yard touchdown and go, oh, what a play. By Jared Goff. That was unbelievable. Oh, it's third and fifty. One hundred two screen to the house by Robert woods. What up play by Jared, don't say what to play by Jared Goff they might, I know, but that's where it gets lost in context because after the game people go look, Jared Goff played pretty awesome, and I'm not saying he didn't play. Awesome. I'm saying he played good. Yeah, but he played a full season though. Chris Garoppolo is played seven games. I, I get that. I just, I, you know, again, I'm just going off of, I think pure talent. And of course what I think that potential can be Goth is going in the right direction. I just I've always thought Garoppolo was a little more talented than a Jared Goff. I wasn't incredibly high on Jared Goff coming out in the draft, and I think you're going to see an explosion like we saw what Jared Goff. I'm Jimmy Garoppolo this year in that Kyle Shanahan offense. That system fits the skill set. So well, people are going to rank Jimmy Garoppolo higher than he should be at the end of this year too. Because his stats are going to be like thirty touchdown passes and eight interceptions and everybody go, wow. One of the best quarterbacks in football, and I don't care if he throws for forty touchdowns and five interceptions. He's not one of the five best no matter what happens at the end of the year, but he is going to inject himself into that conversation because people are going to look at stats and people don't always pay attention to context at this time, Jared Goff or does Shawn Watson, I go to Shawn Watson. Yeah, you're talking about? Well, I am telling you Watson, has a chance to be like I if we, if we went to two three years down the road, I wouldn't be shocked if you and me are on on the radio. Having a conversation about this Shawn Watson being the best quarterback in football. I think he has that type of potential. And I think what he did his little four and five game run last year, man, that was some Aaron, Roger issue type stuff. I saw out there with him making magic happen with his legs as arms, his leadership. You know, all of that. So where I thought, ooh, that is very, very special. And I think he's only scratching the surface of what he can be. I don't leave you with this Todd Gurley got paid. Is he the anomaly or running backs now going to get? Are they gonna move up now, the pay scale here, I do think they're gonna move up in the pay scale? I do. I think with the two running back committees that were in the running back by committee, we're seeing throughout the NFL. We're going to start seeing some of these top tier running backs. You know, be able to play a little bit longer because they're not going to be ground grinded into the ground like they were in the eighties and the nineties and early two thousands where they had such a short shelf life in the NFL girlies the best running back in the sport to me. So this is what I find it interesting is where it becomes we're Levy on bell..

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