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Gonna keep going week after week more getting out as health and human services secretary Alexey Czar could be a white Christmas in the northeast of Big Storm is brewing already started in North Carolina this morning, and it's going to hit all the way up to Maine 70 million people within this watch or warning, and we could See more snow than we've had in some cases for many years meteorologist Janice Dean. Some of those people may have 2 FT of Snow to shovel America's listening to Fox News. Kale. VJ news time 902 Good morning. I'm Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by discount Electronics. Six incumbent Alison Altar will return to the Austin City Council. She defeated Jennifer Verden in the runoff. Alter says she defeated the politics of fear, and she also tells the Austin monitor she's upset at the Austin Police Association altered claims the association spread lies during the campaign. Challenger Mackenzie Kelly will be the one new member of the City Council. Kelly beat incumbent Jimmy Flanagan by nine points. Kelly campaigned on making public safety and fiscal responsibility is top priorities. Governor Greg Abbott has two weeks to decide what to do with $2 billion. He can order it to be spent, or it must be returned to the federal government. The money was part of the pandemic relief package for Texas 38 degrees. Get Austin News on demand at news radio. Kale BJ dot com Welcome to the Todd and don show we're live. And we want you to join us at 51283605 90. Now here are Todd and done. I know three Todd Jeffries and don Prior. But ladies and gentlemen, you have found the tide of Don show radio program. Listen, if you know what Mayor Steve Adler, Dr Marcus Scotch, the decision makers that are affecting small business and your way of life. Still hunting or at least talking about the possibilities of being in stage five on the risk chart that could lead to curfews and more closures. And yesterday, Travis County officials got an update from Dr S. Scott about the current situation when it comes to this virus in the vaccine. And.

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