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Icon of the Sahara resistance, so Tanna, Kaya drapes herself and the red white black and green flag of Western Sahara. Just holding this flag and public is enough to get an activist beaten and arrested. Hi, my name is gonna hire. I was born under Moroccan role in the occupied city of Bush. I live just like any other seraglio woman who is subjected to torture and beatings. And in my opinion, my cases milder than many other in two thousand seven sultana was peacefully protesting with fellow college. Students said a university in Marrakech Morocco when police surrounded her. Don't count may ninth was an anniversary that also always celebrate really hundred. Can we were a group of five hundred survive we students how? I'm gonna tell you left the university campus marching peacefully waving flags and chanting. There are no alternatives to self-determination sealed off the street and besieged in it. As tear-gas spreads sultana was beaten by police one of whom singled her out for more abuse classical. How often one of them recognize me in Egypt right at my eye with his baton as an when he did that I bent over, and I could feel my eyeball in my hand. I was yelling at him. Hey, you miraculously pulled out? My I saw Tana's. Ordeal. Continued in an ambulance says, she was tortured on her way to the hospital where I know I told them I had a hemorrhage in my he tried to put his finger into my eyes. And I didn't get any medical treatment till the next morning at eleven when a group of Moroccans came to be telling someone to sell up, my I them because when I was in the ambulance another woman was crying and telling me, you're is gone. They were trying to sell it my eyes. So other women could see it and think twice before getting involved in activism. They wanted to make an example of what can do you have confidence that Western Sahara will become an independent nation. That's for sure. Because the determination of the people is invincible in. What we've got is true. We've lost many men and women over this one day it shall be liberated. Even losing her on.

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