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I want to be able to get all this him you would think that the president his entire adult life and career never disavowed the the white supremacy david duke movement no conservative i know wants this guy anywhere near the so we decided to go back and look at all the instances of donald trump over the years disavowing it lissette what do you see as the biggest problem with the reform party right now you've got david lukas joined a big hit a racist a problem i mean this is not exactly the people who want a new party site totally disavow the klux klan i totally disavow david do i'd been doing it now for jewish this is you're probably about the eighteenth person that's asked me the question it was very clear david duke announced his senate candidacy claiming your agenda for his own or essentially saying glad that you are you ready before you ask the question newt gingrich said ever republicans repudiated this guy and i do he ready i wanted to point democrat over david if that have with what was necessary to defeat him i guess depending on who the democrats that the answer would be yes look the answer is as quick as you can change fact i want to entrance you before you don't miss as last time with another person in your position i did a very quickly and they said he didn't do it fast enough we moved said okay revealed review done done okay in even though he endorsed by david duke endorsed the fire a disavow okay and i don't mind anybody and i disavow david griffin do can i get the valium a major news conference which is the price you can because you would not debated news conference cnn was at the major'discovery and they heard me very usually disavow david do how went to characterize him more words than wine david david dooley bad perry who ideas and vowed on numerous occasions over the years and to put a clear i give out him in the van i do devout have now i've reject david duke rejected david duke i've rejected the kkk klux klan from the.

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