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In 2015 supermarket chain morrison's replace selfservice machines one thousand manned check out after nine six percent of customers surveyed said they preferred staff check out such nice jobs are coming back and just really into this idea of like all uh i'm not into theft of course but i i i will never forget the store when with these chef that spiked of vegans and then had the upper are attributable there and i like that guy's also just tricking the storing the thinking that meat is fruit for his own like weird thrills i mean i assume he just did this for like the weird criminal thrill of it or something i i made a making tomase options but this sort of like dynamic between is it meat is not me is is a world that i'm i'm very interested in i i have to say i have a slightly different take out now had i pulled up the conversion euros two dollars 'cause i we i you know i in january around you know a buck thirty it's actually a dollar 22 right now so two hundred eight thousand euros is two hundred and fifty four thousand dollars that this dude was fined but this is a dude who makes twenty four thousand euros a month and attleboro absurd so we'll why is he taking veal liver and sticking it in in a fruit bag house 47 euros worth of bill liver so what's that like if i could do the math quickly in my head fifty five to sixty dollars worth of veal liver um and it's got to be what you just described he just gets the thrill out again the way with something yeah but you know he he i love the judges comment not inconsiderable criminal energy wait not inconsiderable so that means considerable yet at double negative translates into a guy being a dick because he had plenty of money en enemy.

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