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To talking to you next hour thanks so much and enjoy yourself in hunt valley horsepower thank you dave i will create it all right buddy thank you bye bye mike lambert from the shine shop let's go to the phones mike is in east baltimore hey mike how you doing hey doing dave we share all your help well thanks questions on the overdrive should that's okay to leave home that'd be beneficial to leave overdrive on all the time when your car all the time the only time i recommend taking overdrive off is seriously inclement weather like snow or ice and you need to put it down into a lower gear but other than that i keep it in overdrive all the time and that's also unless you're trailing something heavy and that's another ball game in itself but just for regular driving keep it in overdrive all the time that's an all defender if you can't if you can't afford it at the mall would can use dry gas instead store nope not bad at all and you only have to do whatever you will change it's not like every tank.

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