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A Dover Don't give him the monster trophy just yet. There's a lot of drivers here that are good enough to get the victory Lane is we get the signal one to go before we go. Green flag racing. Kyle Larson has the best average finish in the history of the Monster mile. That's kinda Larson even better than Martin Kerekes. Junior. So, yeah, There's a lot of drivers here today that can easily jump up. And be thrown Tru X and take the win and one driver that's going to the tail end of the field that a lot of people have their eye on for very good reason. He's the sport's most popular driver. Failed inspection going to the tail. That's chase. Elliott will drop to the back of the field. He will be back there, joining Josh Barry because of the driver change. Justin Hayley was scheduled to drive the spire Motor Sports entry. Justin Hayley in covert protocol. Not here today. So Josh, Very finished Second. The Xfinity serious race here yesterday gets his first career Cup series start here this afternoon, and Josh Berry went Runner up yesterday in the Xfinity, Syria's went runner up in the artist series, and we talked to him right here in the motor Racing network. He is fired up to put on a show here this afternoon. He absolutely isn't for rightly For rightly so, too. He is a talented 30 year old racecar driver. Now the field Bunches up behind Keep Children saying that pace car over and turn number three as we get set to call the start of the dried in 400 for the NASCAR Cup series Live on the motor Racing Network from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here's Jeffs Treacle. Big crowd here today. A Dover They are on their feet. They are ready to go, and so our way, so it's true. XO is Denny Hamlin. That is your front row for the 103rd time here at the Dover International Speedway. We are cup racing in the green flag is out through. We'll get away quickly. Kyle Larson will try to tuck in on the topside of Denny Hamlin. Martin Truex Jr away with the lead by two car lengths over Kyle Larson, who get by Denny Hamlin. They're going to stack it up for the number four position. Years we empire into the inside of Kyle Busch. Back in three. I'll. Bush, however, let's a ride in the middle lane, and he'll go around the outside of William Byron. Latin number one in the books. Martin Shrek's Jr leads it, but Kyle Larson is in hot pursuit with Denny Hamlin. Right, there is well battle for fourth is not over. William Buyer into the bottom will slide underneath Kyle Busch. He'll grab fourth. Bush falls to fifth and face immediate pressure from Kevin Harvick, Kevin Harvick immediately to the bottom of the racetrack. Problem is Kyle is right. They're right behind is Ryan Blaney. Good battle 50 on back. Harvick wants it. He'll pull even with Kyle Busch side by side back to the quarter. Here's Kevin Harvick. He'll dive to the bottom of the racetrack. Kyle Busch lets the Toyota slide wide. Harvick will grab the position with the greatest of ease Bush back in line in front of Ryan Blaney and showy llegado tucked right there and right single file at the bottom of the race track further up. Here's the challenge off. Turn four for the number three spot William Buyer and gets a good run down the front straightaway. Byron once third Will they be picking them up? Put them down in the early going here in Dover. He is on the march, he will make sure work of Denny Hamlin Hill Grant. Third. Now that he's cleared Hamlin he's got two car lengths to make up before he catches Larson for second through X. Larson, then William Byron, then Denny Hamlin that your top four Kevin Harvick, right now uncontested in fifth. Then you've got Kyle Bush. Ryan Blaney, Joey Logano, the leaders her in one that is the top eight. Running in ninth right now would be the Chris Buscher car. Buscher looks behind him sees Eric Jones in that mix. Also, Brad Keselowski and Tyler Reddick lined up right there as well. Everybody now trying to find their footing here early on, lap number five goes up on the board. Martin to Rex Jr is laid all of them to this point. Couple of Hendrick Motor Sports Chevrolets Go 2nd and 3rd while those Hendrick Motor Sports Chevrolets for keeping pace with true ex for the first few laughs. But now that everybody's gotten settled in Martin Truex Jr is trying to slowly tiptoe away for the rest of the field by seven car links right now over Kyle Larson and Mike Bagley, let's paint a quick picture because it will change later on. White concrete makes up this race track By the end of the day. It won't be white anymore, And that's because as the laps click off and more rubber gets applied to the racetrack to track will gray up and then it will blacken up indicating that the tire where is indeed happening, A lot of drivers were waiting for that to happen, so that 2nd 3rd even fourth Lane will come into play before we take the checkered flag, however, when the caution flag comes out, and we slow the cars down.

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