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And the half the distance penalty giving for to the fifteen and a half the distance puts his at the seven and a half yard line sports after thrown digging defensively here after a very disappointing first threequarters walls that this seven barrett has weber to his left throws right side and grabbed the spartan was given a spartans get an interception by justin lane warm habit at herself to their flag on the play i think it's got to be on digital victor plucky dragged down justin lane who made the interception anyway interference offense number nine penalties declined the results of plays an intersection first on michigan airship sheet in the end zone gene so the spartans stopped the clock scoring dry said baghdad demon web interception return 12 or 13 in forty eight still to go in the game ohio state 48 the spartans three this is the spartan network spartans some people leave high school sports officiating when their children begin to play some get the opportunity to move on to higher levels of a sport if.

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