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The big test for us shale will you know can we actually in oh can we produce it if crude becomes a problem in old uh you know it can we produce what we need uh you know from shale and accelerated that that much uh you know that much more quickly and the reason we bring that up is because of the the whole thing with opec just in the last month were opec is you know what they're fighting out his you know opec says okay we're going to cut back but if they cut back they said the united states can almost immediately make that up and the fear that opec had opec now has is if they cut it if they cut what they do to any great extent they may lose that market share to the united states shale drillers and so can make you know get can they make it up if there is if we have a tanker problem for the next couple of weeks coming into the refineries will i guess you know we we shall see uh the other positive thing that you could look at is the the fact that after this weekend a gasoline usage and demand in the united s dates goes down because it's the end of the drop at the summer driving season yeah back to school end of this a driving season a and you'll see uh that that as that demand drops off but on unfortunately will likely see you know higher prices because of the shortage uh at least for the next couple of weeks to three weeks at the very least i think and then those those prices will start to as the supply chain gets back up to speed will start to go back to two norm let's go to jim in texarkana texas jim hi you're on red eye radio welcome to the show hi jim area on milena my actually little rock native already affect the i work out a dallas we have come to your work whereas it over 100 trucks we ever reach yuli tanker victims every day built up our truck parked trucks.

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