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And we talked maybe this new generation of bullets go players coming fro Jau Phillies Bernardo Silva, but it was all about renounce new Jenner. The new generation of young young Portuguese players coming through not. I mean just how many eventually remains to be seen. What, what's not endow is not ready to handle the note the mine to juche, far Frana, and said yesterday, you know, for guys has as when rest is so important for, for someone. Okay, then played in the nation's league games and the group stages. But for someone still want to come and play. At this time of the year at this stage of his career, what he's achieved credits did plead himself because I know haven't played for a decade, plus the national football people used to drought light-fly show. Right. When it wasn't a real Baker occasion, huge flies. Find any excuse. Not to tell not someone Hammond. Nothing has goals. Golden record and performances for his country would reflect the fact that he wants to the wants to put putting out so performance. Nice surprise. I really isn't not credit to him for it and not, not just tuning up. But, but it's performances of the time as much as you want to talk about the young players coming through, think you learn from, from somebody like Renaldo who embraces the spotlight as he does both both. When it's positive as it was against its playing at home. You understand that and you can sometimes guess, ripta with the, the ovulation, but similarly where you're we and bit negative he thrives on, I'm not choosing lessons that I think SUV. This this young coming through all the better second in the old time top goalscorer international goals. Gills his fifty third Hatcher. It's phenomenal rates. And once again, he seems to turn up in these situations. Incredible. I think the hunger still is age, the Vatian to, to be the star to be the match winner to be decisive. Like he was tonight. There were times way, dropped out completely of the game where we hardly saw if you didn't know it was playing. You would you would notice that it was on the pitch. And yet when he matters are when he gets half a yards on Kanji taught taught him a lesson on the second go tonight. You just can't give him that kind of freedom and emits emits the big Chen's early on in the game when he was sitting in in and, and probably needs head. It would have been so angry with himself or not taking that chance Popley, maybe maybe take touch before hitting the ball like he did that you knew that somebody would want to redeem himself by scoring and another hot Drake. Highs age for his return to international ball is just incredible thing when you're all buckle just slightly, not in the. You're looking at somethings. Oh. And then it was a semifinal of a competition. The highs created some more interest, but let's let's let's not get away from the fight. All this competition has done is replaced friendly's so only TV than friendlies to be of some irrelevance, as but to be, you know, we can watch the fact these schools hot tricks. And he scored so many goals country club. But I don't think we should suggest in, like I think some running around. This was such a high pressure occasion. Once again, he showed up. On. It's online, so I it's one looks kind of extra time. And he's the one who makes the difference. It's worthy of us to give credit. Once again, you like people on social media just you just messing tepid saying, I'm not, not giving Rinaldo credit, you still have to score the goal show. It's just what you have to throw in that caveat. Covey. I'm giving you honest assessment as as, as replaced friendly's. So you gotta give you go to give significance in terms of where it lies pressure. I said Jewish, it's not it's winning schools in the Champions League final solemn saying. You know, it's, it's another great goalscoring fee. However, it's not it's not on the big stage. That's what I'm saying uneducated. It's not on the big stage, a competitor hat trick at the world. About something else. Which was which was, of course she had just occurred..

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