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Holiday road rage on Long Island Suffolk County police does happen at around two thirty Thursday afternoon guy driving a radically on waiting River Road in Manorville you know the time he's in a big hurry and doesn't care about where anybody else is going or their safety in and out of lanes in and out of traffic trying to get around the cars on the road to get where he's headed another car thought he might have hit him in the process pulled over no parking lot exam of the vehicle and that's when they all had words with each other driver one standing driver to in the stomach drove off driver ones on the run there looking for the suspect driver to driving with his wife who was not injured he's at Stony Brook hospital being treated for serious injuries winds news time to thirty four Cup still searching for the suspect responsible for hitting five people in a spray of bullets in the Bronx on Wednesday cops say all of the victims are now expected to be okay Tasha lane is the mom of a fourteen year old boy who was struck by bullets she tells NBC for two questions how and why something like this could happen here kid what she added that she is happy he's alive and she was able to spend thanksgiving with him in the hospital cops say they're looking for three people of interest here in connection to the shooting happened Wednesday afternoon Cortland Avenue and east a hundred fifty first street in the Melrose neighborhood there's actual video of the guy shooting you can see it on ten ten wins dot com thanksgiving rally in Hong Kong more from correspondent Hian pau thousands of protest is taking to the streets of Hong Kong many waving American flags to say thank you the Grateful after president trump signed legislation strengthening the position of pro democracy protesters two bills the threatened sanctions and penalties if China metals with the city's rights and freedoms it also bans American made tear gas and rubber bullets from being sold to home Kong Janice is the implementation of US bills on Hong Kong human rights will undermine cooperation on important areas between the two nations Congress may have found one area of agreements a bill that will tackle the problem of robo calls those robo calls are plaguing everyone including members of Congress and they're ready to do something about it a compromise between the house and Senate has yielded a bill that requires phone companies to verify the phone numbers are real and block robo calls without charging consumers any extra money the measure also pushes the justice department to bring more criminal prosecutions against rebel collars and it gives the FCC more time and more authority to investigate and punish those who break the law the house could take up the compromise bill as soon as next week the Senate could follow shortly thereafter Linda Kenyan Washington wins news time two thirty six ten ten wins center team and next hi I'm Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans America's largest mortgage lender let's talk credit card.

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