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To the phone lines. Stephen new york. Welcome the boys going. So bad bobby. Hey steve how are you a while. Good good man. So i i got two points real quick right i to answer your question bobby hundred percent this week. It's max 'field. I've been on this from day. One huge fan. I'm you fan of the trainer. I think this horse from when he made that move was a keelan early on last year or it was in the fall bashar. I can't recall of the before. I lose track of time but i mean that was eye catching and since then again huge fan of the source but when he gets of kentucky it's like he's a different horse even though that last race in saratoga you ran pretty good against the track by but still i. You need to see something good from him in the woodward to really be confident because you know earlier you went to the west coast and he just enjoy again. So that's the horse. I think needs to really really show out this week. That's point one point to a little bit of a bone to pick with ed. But not really in general and i'll hang up to this. You know i think in this industry. We have a tendency as fans to overlook when like great horses or right before us and jackie's warrior man from day one. I feel like this horse has never really gotten the credit. He deserves like starting off early in the air. It was always like you know he's not good enough to run them on a quarter of the derby so people are down him dead anyway. You know you rent a banger. Churchill dream shake didn't come back to run squat so they said you was weak raised and he ran a banger in the bell belmont stakes and you know everybody but he missed a break train. The clock came back. didn't run. he betraying the clock because that was the week then he came back stared. Life is good in the eyeballs. Put that one away and still now. People are looking towards flight line. And that's the bone to pick with it what it is but let me tell you guys something right now man. I've been looking at probably twenty plus years. Now maybe thirty. I'm old guy. Now right just like you and i have no idea. I don't know this perfect. But i've seen plenty of time. There are some horses when other horses good horses. Stare them in the eye and the they're forced to run versus forces. They break in half. You look at dream shake. After that race he ran verse. Jackets were never the same. Look at the clock. After he'd beat him that day he was forced to run that day. Obama miss the break. Never the same look at life is good. That's not the plan. What they had to go to kelso and then now to the rediscover mile broke him in half day. Use some of these horsemen and this horse. Let me tell you. This horse is a special horse. And i hope people like really realize what we're looking at here. Maybe sprinters sprints mile wherever. You're not going to be like a you know he's not gonna win a mile and a quarter race. This is a special horse man. I i think people are really overlooking him for the next next next one. I don't know why and feet steve. Thanks very much for your call. Two points there at. I'm gonna let you. I'm gonna let you go first with this. Last one. steve's a big fan of jackie's warrior jackie's were coming off a resounding. Win the gallon bob where it was really like a paid workout for a lot of money. And he's going to be favored in the breeder's cup sprint. Mainly because flight line is not going to run. He's going to skip it. And wait for the malibu opening day of the winner meet at santa anita december. Twenty six but he may have been favored. Anyway he was going he was going to vie for favoritism with flight line now with flight line out and life is good. Going to the dirt mile and with yaupon retired i would think that jackie's warrior will solidly be favored. The breeder's cup sprint. What's your what's your ideas of him. Yeah there's no. Question is the favourite now in. I mean we were talking among us here at churchill and i need to go back to look at the charts but he might be the biggest favourite and sprint history. I just don't know another horse. People would be excited about. I will say i. I don't know that he's underrated I mean it was favored in the breeders cup juvenile over central quality. Who's gone on to do pretty well. nah that race in particular Obviously as gangbusters. Considering hot rod charlie in there and keep in mind to a lesser extent. So Yeah i i mean i i get it with light. Line like hey. This horse has an allowance. When what gives let's celebrate jackie's warrior who's actually winning stakes races. That's that's probably a fair point but You know at the end of the day we get to tibet on whose faster if light line ends up being the one that takes more money than maybe jackie's warrior is the better bet but certainly in the sprint. Now he will eat. Looks like the most likely winner the whole two days. And i don't i don't agree with the part that he's broken. Life is good and half life is good going to the kelsen going to the dirt mile. I think the plan all along was to stretch him back out after all. He was on the kentucky derby trail earlier this year before he got injured. So i'm not really sure you can say broken in half but that was an impressive win beating him passing. Life is good that day. In the allan jerkins to steve's first point he likes max 'field he's hoping matfield runs big. What do you make of the fact. that brendan walsh. Is putting blinkers on max field for the first time mayor. Steve view steve steals listening. Steve's vapor trail. i'm sorry You know he's been pushing a lot of the right buttons Lately so i see it. I know a lot of people. Think equipment changes especially on accomplished horses. Maybe a negative like oh what are they. Try and brendan's spills Feels like he's turning the right screws as of late. He's been winning with more first. There's the barnes going. Well so and i don't want to be overawed about entail. What a positive. But i definitely wouldn't see it is a negative and i would say this is the time to try more than the breeders cup so i would say. I share the enthusiasm for this horse taking a shot in a race like this..

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