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In an early ah so what about hillary clinton yeah now her name was it even put out there uh in the poll they didn't even look through name and uh uh you know i know i i i find that uh i think twice and and you're done with hillary clinton just like got twotime venue were done for for mitt romney who are now it looks like to you're running for the us senate out there and youth all but member he he flirted with a third run for the white house's 2016 cycle he said no i don't think you're gonna see that from hillary clinton i don't think most democrats wanted to run either no i agree i was just i was this it's friday ose's kinda you have an older than a political fun you go you know paul does talking with sowing yesterday looking at the races in 2018 and a it seems that that first congressional district in which carol shape porter the democrat who's now in does not running and you get a wide open race on both sides mike really the might be the one that is the front and center stage because we have no us senate race in 2018 in new hampshire the governor's race convent oh stern who was the nominee last time in the democratic side is not running steve marsh shanta maybe maybe someone else you have and custer the democrat incumbent a second district she's raised quite a bit of money you do have a couple of candidate candidates on the republican side but it seems at first congressional district will will grab most of the energy if i wanna know if you agree or not and secondly i think the ansari story uh with 2018 are the national visitors both republican and democrat they'll be coming up the new hampshire early ahead of 2020 i think those might be the two main stories of 2018 yeah i totally agree with visitor in fact we just learned governor tweeted it out.

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