Horton, Luka Danseuse, Michael Malone discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Their Horton feels much better the problem for for tomorrow don't know what that means is there still possibility will play the sound please feel way better very much leaning towards of the Mavericks Luka danseuse returned to practice from his ankle injury and maybe back in game action as soon as Thursday nuggets coach Michael Malone signed a contract extension through the twenty twenty to twenty three season now to some baseball news the Mets of ink reliever and four time all star del Matanzas to a one year ten point five million dollar deal that could reach thirteen million up a chance appears in seventy games and finally the Diamondbacks and coal Calhoun have reportedly agreed on a two year sixty million dollar deal Darwin's of this round as talk about your favorite team to get breaking NFL news here all day every day on CBS sports radio this is after hours well you're the highest level doing it on demand and yes I say that tongue in cheek it is I don't care if people call me a hater last night on the air ever to make a very entertaining radio he is after hours with the lord CBS sports radio merry Christmas to you happy Hanukkah thanks for hanging out with this this morning go to the five AM hour.

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