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Backyard and hockey. I really expensive. It's still is yes even more expensive now And so I you know. I started with learn to skate very little. But we had the pond in the backyard. So so I asked you to learn the state really. I didn't play organized hockey until I was Bantam. so I guess it's eighth grade So I got really lucky because I I love the game and I love playing on the pond. Ledger said okay. Well you know I love to play this with a team and step stepped on the ice has abandoned and then the next year I was a freshman and I made the junior varsity team at Denver's high school and that year they won the Division Two state championship of the Gar City team so I was really lucky because I stepped into a really good program And after only playing competitively for two years I was able to make the bar. Sydney team of Denver Sisal And so then I played three years Marcy. RCA Daggers High. Did A postgraduate year Brochure Academy Wolfe Roni Action and then I went on to play a few years. If Greg's who'll ooh great schools. I should say for sure man but I can't let you go without talking about that. Epoch photo in the media guide that monk man. I can't let you off for that. I go I guess I talk about that so long. May even I have in my high school yearbook we. We got haircuts for Davis High School. Everyone got law every year and my senior year I had an eight or nine inch Mohawk. And there's a great pitcher Richard. My Yearbook That I'm looking at my full year on leaning on the boards within eight inch or nine his Mohawk sticking straight up when I when I when I was doing my research and I found that out. It's like it's amazing because I I'm sure you've come across the barstool stool sports website which is a great day. Always these these. I don't know what is won't Minnesota but Minnesota has always show the high school kids there and they come up with some of the most efficacious. Patrick I've never seen in my life. Have you seen the hockey hair the recap they do every year yes. You're I see. Yeah Yeah it's amazing so you ever been to the estate journey out there. High school stay training. I have not but that is a bucket list list thing. Have you been up to something. That is one of the most incredible hockey events I've ever been through my life. It is snag -Nificant Michelle. I go out there. I don't care a couple of times because there's at the same time there's a hockey expo. That's how the exhaust tunnel. That's that's been so right the south south and so there's convention center right below it so it's the. Let's play Hockey Expo. So that that coincides with the State Attorney so all the finals games are within three or four days at the Excel Centre to sold out. Arenas it's unbelievable. So you're lighten. Didn't Friday Saturday or Thursday Friday Saturday. They will have four games each day. And you know it's pack. The place is packed and people are coming through the Expo to look at all the new gear all the companies. That are there. If you have not been there you have to go check it out man. I keep hearing things. It's interesting. Yeah I have. A cousin lives out there. And talk about the hockey's always putting stuff on his instagram. It's all hockey. I've got I've got to do that. Jill Tallet Attorney John's known and I. I'm astonished that Massachusetts has not seen that whoever organized organize it. Let's say this is what we need to do. Because it's just a tremendous along massive amount of people come through there one week to Mason. Isn't he said because I have to ask you. What is it about hockey because you clearly love it and I love seeing that the passion? You're always you continue to play. I always feel like hockey. DOC is just a breed above every other spore us. I mean I can't really. You can't equate it to softball because I feel like softball something while you're getting shit faced or whatever but but like hockey man it's got to slide core to it like I have friends that play. I want to get back into play forever. I stopped for a while. You know. What is it me? What is it about hockey that it's got this heart man that's not comparable to anything else? I think what I love about this. I'm constantly trying to put my finger on the pulse of that and figure out what it is because there's something about it that keeps me coming back and my my wife who saw she grew up outside of Orlando Florida. She's from the South and she didn't know anything about hockey when we got together and she's been together for eleven in years she's always learning more and more but she came back with needs. It's you my family for Christmas and I got her one of her. Christmas presents was AH grand new set of our skates because I had been. I have been watching the weather for weeks. I would call my brothers and looks like it's GonNa rain and then it's going to get recalled. It's not going to be so called. I think we're GONNA HAVE ICE and we're GONNA have ice so leading up to it. I bought her. Had My brother pick up the space and and so I finally felt like I was able to explain my love of the game to my wife by getting her a pair of skates and having her escape for six days in a row and play pond hockey with my friends and with my family and with my and uses a nephews. You know it was. Just it's magical. There's no other way to explain it in. The photo is sent you. Every morning. I woke up with sunrise. Bryce to go out to the pond and take photos of the sun coming up I have. I don't know if you follow the the account outdoor. Og are having which which is outdoor rink heaven on Instagram. I definitely if you don't you should. Because every day they're posting pictures of outdoor rinks and I sent him a photo of my nephew the other day and it sort of the sun's coming across the house on its hey silhouette issues lining up you know to take a Rishaad at the net. And he's Lisa backlit by the rising sun and they hosted on there the other day. Not just uniform. This captures everything. I I love about it so it was nice to be able to say to my wife. This is why you've known me for over a decade and you know that I love this game this is they love this game and without being able to explain that you have to show someone lead. Someone experienced that for themselves and she said I total yet that is that is that is phenomenal. Yeah and I have to save your wife taking up the the skating and when you when you mention pond hockey both of those remind me of when I first started ampato hockey when I played with my friend growing up afterwards man I never ever. I've never been so sore my life. I mean I feel like do you. Do you still get sore from after pond hockey or is it just kind of like a more of a chill not that we're all out leader level each other but you're sore from hockey and was your wife sore from her first time. Skating News Go. I think I was liking my hours on the ice this past week and I had over twenty five hours on the Blonde uh-huh straight regards on to Atlanta. I just saved. You're an answer. My knees are Achey actually absolutely all I haven't had that much fun longtime newman. There's something that's very beautiful about those backyard. Heard rinks because I was driving. When it's you mentioned this Patty because I was driving I want to say it was few days back? And there was a guy had built a rink in his back for his kids kids clearly and it had he went to the point where we got boards he put boards around me and that level of just being an awesome DADS i. I'm speaks volumes about your. It's the same passion I see in you. You feel about hockey. It's I guess this is. I'm just thinking about it while you were talking and I said this to my wife and said Every time we play hockey we're constrained by money. The on time right you get you get to the rent. You've got an hour to practice. You gotta get on there. You've got to do what you gotta do. You gotTA financial drills learn everything you need to I do and then get off the ice because you've only got that amount of time and I said the pond is saying that we long for for every time we step on the ice because there is no the only constraints are the sun coming and going but we've luminated laws because we have lights so there's no there's no constraints you know. It's the for hockey player. It's the ultimate freedom. Just have ice in your patty. It's very very field of dreams like a sense. Does that make L.. It's a hundred percent true. Yeah so you know. I'm honored to be able to tell at least part of your story of Your Life. I'm trying to put together other a timeline here. So what do you find yourself doing. After Burke state take me through that time of your life what are you doing. You know how how far between that and when you get your your the miracle the transfer miracle. How does that work in your life? So I was finishing an internship. I graduated waited. I finished school in in the in December of two thousand two sh- So my fall semester. Was My internship and I was doing internship in graphic design. I resume I always had a lot of energy and so a sitting behind a desk after design. I quickly understood that it wasn't going to be for me I was just really rambunctious and so one day I actually. I'll tell you. It was October sixteenth. In two thousand two high was. It's my birthday by the way how I swear to. God I swear to God for two thousand sixteen now through the throw that out there. That's great so I'm sitting there at my desk thinking. There's no way I can do this. Little News and Yes I really had. I had a captain's license to drive like small water taxis and I I'd always you know what I'm GonNa get a private yacht and I'm just kinda crazy world scattered scrubbing the decks or scrubbing the toilets but I was ready for an adventure. Really is what it came down to and this one day on October sixteenth. That I I taught media would acting school so I never have to stop before maybe I would acting school. So I started scouring the Internet for acting schools. Just looking for information and got liking or that our brochure sentiment while you this before you before you could get everything thing online you know today and And all of a sudden I came across an open casting call for hockey players for or a Disney movie..

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