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Yeah, that's right. Wiggle Room travelling through time. Yes and Josh Wigley. Could you think of a better time to travel back to the past? Man I. Would like to like travel to the far future wants our future. Okay, all right well I'm an optimist and I'm hopeful that things are going to work out, and then like I travel to the far future where like we now have achieved utopian ideals? That's where I was an expert in utopia out forward I'll bring Kirk Clark with me, it'll be. It would be a ride. Okay I'm trapped ice. Be If you could choose. If you if you can build your time Meshiah! Yes, what would you do? What? Where would I go? I don't really I. Guess. I'm curious to know where you would go. But what would your? What would your glory in be? Would it just be a delorean or because that's already been done in? That looked cool. You have some other different device slash time travel. What I've learned about. The DELOREAN is time travel vehicle lots of pitfalls. Granite Gas could run out of Mr Fusion. Energy can I have some sort of like maybe like podcast mixer that travels through time. We're only have to get my voice up to you know. The eight ten decibels and then I could travel. I got it. I know mine is what is it? Straight from the nineteen nineties, Slap Bracelet Oh. That's great. Yeah I'm traveled. Slap brace lunch. Or like it's like connected to your heart, so it knows where you WANNA go. And you like slap the slap bracelet onto your wrist and you just catapult through time. Yeah! Hard to take off right like the slap bracelet is pretty tightly on there. I guess I give somebody overpowers you. They might be able to snatch it, but otherwise it's not like fall off. It's pretty securely on their. NO CATS LOW FI won't need to recharge it all right well, let's let's dig it a little bit to embrace. Thing in the run door. Horny or chore. S Close Obama. Here's what we're doing here this summer. We are without reality shows to talk about as of right now and without survivor at least. A scheduled survivor season on the books this summer we are planning to celebrate the twenty year anniversary of survivor with a look back through time with a wiggle room coming up every week where we're going to go back, watch an episode of survivor, and then we're also going to have a one. A weekly Wand off about said episode of the show. We're not doing Borneo all the way through. No, we're not doing burning all the way through. I know there are a lot of people who are in that's awesome and I will say that like I watched this episode, and I felt that. I wanted to go in knowing. Feel free citing. Yeah! Go back in time to listen to Robin. I talk about survivor Borneo in the evolution of strategy when we did that once upon a time, it's still available. I believe for freezes now. Yep, go to evolution strategy DOT COM, you can get the evolution strategy, a chapter, one five and a half hours of Josh is original Rewatch from twenty fourteen. Back in the the good old days. Good Ole twenty fourteen when Josh and I talked about the abolition strategy. Is a huge year twenty four dating apps lots routine I believe. Yeah. A lot going on in twenty four to tell me one survivor, a lot of great lot of great stuff going on in twenty fourteen. It's really the Anti Twenty twenty. Except Tony Still Win Survivor in two thousand, twenty, the only thing that those two years having common. Thread Yeah. yeah, but I'll find. I'm excited for this. I need a relief. I need the release. I need a break. All need something I need something fun in my life on on the weekly basis in you know. We answered the the season forty wiggle room leaving that would be the end of it, and like the thing that changed for me across doing the wiggle room was just as much as like. The world was changing that it was just bringing me weekly laughter, and just like nonstop joy. Interacting with you and Casey and one. And all of the people who who are long ride with us. The wand offers and You know I I really felt like I didn't want to lose that, and like the evolution for me from sort of like my down period with with survivor where I've been is like survivor to me so much more than just the show. Now it's it's us. You know it's all of us, and and I need us. I need us right now. I I expect that a lot of people in our community need us as well and I. Don't just mean you me and Casey and Wanda and the wand offers, but each other as well and the laughter in the routine and you know with things being as as bleak as they are You know the types of of things we're confronting right now than the mirrors. We have to look at the reflections we see this is all dark leaks stung. And all of that work is critical and all that work has to happen yeah. But I think you also need to find chances where you can just sit down and belly. Laugh really hard about about you know. Jervis night eating a bug which I guess would have been next week next week week the next week or whatever acklin of young jeff probst in his treasure chest is this week? You Know I. think that you need that. I think you still need that and. I know that I need that. And I am I. Am really I'm really happy to be here with you to do that for his long as we are young? Yeah I definitely understand where you're coming from that I've been struggling You know, a bit quite a bit over these last few days since everything started in the wake of George Floyd with just you know it's just grown and grown and grown chorus over these last these last few days and It's really just you know. been so so much at the forefront, the injustice that with so many. People upset, specifically black people upset with all of the systematic racism and the police brutality so so many different things than I and it's very hard to be able to. Not, talk about that right now. Yeah, yeah, it feels it I. Don't know about you, but like so I live pretty close to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and like I was on online last I'm Joe. Verging on full agoraphobia. At this point, it's been awhile since I've left my house and I am I am with. Area afraid of like the day that I have to again. That is going to be something that I'm really going to have to have to take on I'm not ready, but my wife God bless her took. Took two walks today. It's like wow. That's twomentwox than I've taken in three months. And I don't know how to how to confront that But I I was online and I was watching the footage and from from various cities around the country and.

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