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But I mean, have you ever seen a ten thousand square foot net? No I've never seen a ten thousand square. Where would I see a ten thousand square foot net exactly. So it's not like he jumped at this up to that that you see every day. I just know watching from the video of him, doing it from the video of the guys behind him filming them. that. Guys behind have to do with it i. just I was thinking as I'm looking at the net that that's too small then yes way too small to be able to hit what if there's just a bill gust of wind. And he can't hit that net and also it sounds like he you know dive headfirst into the net he had to line lineup the net and be like all right. I think I'm lined up and then flip over see he'd land on his back that's terrifying because. You certainly, at some point during that had to have been like Oh this is taking too long. I missed the net and I'm badges splatter the ground. And he died doing mrs he didn't die. He landed in the net perfectly and it was fine. I get him being like, yeah I don't WanNa wear pack if I'm going to do this I don't WanNa wear parachute at all because guess what if I missed the net I've got fifty feet to pull this parachute. What good is that GonNa do me like you should not be doing this at all but if you're gonNA be doing it yeah I guess do without a parachute because who cares? I also assume the two guys with the camera that were. Dropping along with them. That they were there like if something went catastrophically wrong in the beginning, they could've Goddamn or something I don't know how that works. I know that there's a way if somebody's parachute isn't working till like catch them, but it's going to break their arms probably. But it's like a way to hold them so that like you're not gonNA, they're not gonna let go when you pull your shoot right but it is going to eight year arms with there's. kind of it was something like it was like a wrestling hold or something you put him in a full Nelson and then they'll be fine. They will be fine. You'll smash both their arms. But but This Guy What a crazy thing to do, and then this guy was the guy with David Blaine who is like, Hey, don't. Put, put the damn oxygen on our. Day had basically also can we touch on how bad the communication was during this entire stunt? Yeah definitely and Tom I'm telling you right now we're pivoting. This is no longer an episode of the stunts of David, Blaine. Episode Frank Discussion. David Blaine ascension. Yes. This yeah. So much cross talk. I guess there's not that much to say except that there were so much crosstalk..

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