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Are known dead now in the northern California wildfire one hundred thirty others missing Butte county sheriff Corey Honi on where the latest victims were found all eight of those human remains were found in the paradise area. Six were found inside structures too were found outside of structures. Most of the town of paradise was wiped out in the fire. Evacuee Matthew Flanagan says his home is gone, and he won't be able to rebuild for a long time. We tried to get back up to Sierra or. Houses yesterday, and this is going to be four months, that'd be happy paradise has gone stormy Daniels. Lawyer Michael avenue is denying allegations of domestic violence after being arrested in Los Angeles. After spending about four hours in custody. Attorney Michael avenue emerged from Los Angeles police station, maintaining his innocence. I have never struck. A woman have an ATI was taken into custody Wednesday one day after police responded to a domestic violence incident and took a report I never will strike a woman, but Los Angeles police officer, Tony m had a different take saying the victim in the case had visible injuries of an audience. The lawyer for porn star. Stormy Daniels who alleges having had an affair with President Donald Trump. I'm Mike Rossier? Those electronic driver assist systems on newer cars will the triple A's been testing them. And it's now warning they may not keep vehicles in their lanes or spot objects in time to avoid a crash. They say you want to be ready to take control. This is. AP radio news. President Trump's deputy national security adviser is being reassigned after an apparent tiff with the first lady's staff AP correspondent Jackie Quinn reports from Washington not long after first lady Melania. Trump's office issued a statement saying mirror. Rick are Dell no longer deserves the honor of working in the White House regard. Dell was dismissed aides say the deputy national security adviser clashed with the first lady's staff about last month's visit to Africa. The White House says record L will get a new role in the government observers are talking about how unusual it is. For a first lady to publicly weigh in on personnel matters, especially the national security staff. Jackie Quinn, Washington now to Japan and its minister of cybersecurity. He is acknowledging that he's never used a computer and reporters say as he was responding to questions from Japanese lawmakers yesterday, it became apparent that. He has no idea what a USB port is Rita Foley. AP radio news. Is Ron Don. Is somebody? Bottom. Alexa, play hits from Queen. Okay. Amazon music. A voice is all you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today. Listening to the.

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