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The world team won sixty one to one forty four tile Kuzina, the MVP with thirty five points. Jason Tatum chipped in thirty Ben Simmons lead the world squad with twenty eight. The pelicans of let go of general manager del Dem's, Danny? The ferry takes over in New Orleans on an interim basis the nuggets have given a contract extension to president of basketball operations. Tim Connolly top twenty five. College hoops buffalo keeps on rolling elite slice to five seventy to sixty five right at four minutes remaining. Right wing maciver. Pump fakes three steps left shoots. A three over separate bullseye. Three of CJ Massenburg, fourteen points for buffalo. Josh Wetzel that call on learfield. I n g college number twenty five buffalo in eighty eight eighty two victory over Toledo, Nick Perkins. Led the way with twenty six points from baseball the Yankees, avoid arbitration with ace, Luis Severino. He gets a four year deal worth reported forty million dollars. The giants have reportedly sign yon Hervas solarte's to a minor league deal with an invitation to major league spring training reigning National League MVP Christian yelich has reported to brewers camp. He is preparing for a repeat performance your expectations. The player always always high. No matter how high the expectations are from the outside of the media for fans from wherever I think you south to a high standard understand what you're capable of yellow hit thirty six home runs season ago in his MVP campaign on the hockey scoreboard. It was the. Hurricanes getting by the Oilers three one thanks to a pair of goals from Nino Nita rider, Rangers all over the sabres six two devils in overtime beat the wild five four and the Bruins shut out the ducks three nothing round to suspended due to rain at the Genesis open. At Riviera Justin Thomas and Adam Scott.

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