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It's a monday casey radio quickie tonight me and fight oeberg are going to the red carpet world's premier of red sparrow boos you shit yeah boy hitting the red carpet for red sparrow j laws new movie so i've heard is gave her two things about it i've heard i've heard one thing about i've heard a it's grazie violent like i don't know you haven't seen it i i suggest you watch this weekend it's one of my favorite movies last year's green room it's walked up it's awesome but it's like it's like it's not crazy violent like everyone dying all title when someone dies it's super violence okay um and almost almost eli roth this little deathwish okay but the even a little more real away if that makes sense um i heard so i heard it this is like that it said i think the the reviewers told me um if you can if you can stomach green room you'll love red sparrow and then the other thing was also jennifer lawrence's they the that's what i heard that ciller i heard so sign me up a v i don't care what it's about you give me jeff lawrence naked the whole time count me in so we'll be at the new york city premier lincoln center paid a boys in the building decked out look in fancy and weren't suit hopefully swirling a martini maybe it's maybe work some chelsea boots in there maybe get real fancy with it and who knows you know maybe we will be a rubbing elbows with with the celebrities maybe maybe jail i wanna regard vix so i don't know like i don't really know how these work done something like this so i don't know if everyone wants to work walks the red carpet and you'll me see the pictures of certain rank right or up or it is like a song here's the entrance here's a normal ask carpet and then the import people walk in a red one what's the the theme of today's top quickie here we don't know what we're doing we don't know what we're going into so today we're talking about instances where you are.

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