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Which opponent when I played a in the first time he had he brought definitely schooled me a couple couple of ways. Khris Middleton was the first guy to save that messed me up at the next game. I thought I did well against him but Chris Mills him for sure and then LeBron LeBron because LeBron and next you know, he made a pass white LeBron. That's a guy in La. Yes that some guy no way. I don't know. Yeah so next to you know, where he's in a quarter and he made a pass at Kyle kuzma. I remember it to this day where he was getting double-teamed cuz he just spent on the Baseline there. They got the base. I was right to his side. He made a right-handed like footpaths across the court at full pace and not directly in his pocket and I was like, okay that's how you know, his ability is just there. I would not I don't know if anyone else can make that past with the distress that was there as well as the amount of time on a clock like Club. One of your like oh my goodness. Those are probably the three outs say say have me like on a wow moments and one more question for me. For sure for the record. How tall are you home for the record? I am six six in my opinion people can say six seven do two shoes. But six six is the is the height that I would probably go with just because it's the honest height just keeping that in mind people when they put them up the guard Joel embiid. Yes and which they do I've got I've got it down everything from six 3 to like six eight. I'm like, where is this Heist coming from but for you? All right, so we got the height. I want to know the verts good. What's the verb the vert beer? You know, it's a smooth smooth 52. That's something that I jump out to gyms where people tell me God. Oh, no, I got compared to Jordan ones that Sky across there but since I haven't I haven't done vertical in forever, but let's just say it's not as high as you may think but I definitely blocked shots so it works out that's that's I just say let's just let's go with that. Yeah standing reach you got you here long will give you any will give me links. Yeah, we'll give me will give me links and ability to change the shot. No doubt. No doubt. All right, let's go a couple of things. Let's start with Gordon. Let's start with Gordon and and how much his loss will affect this team going forward and how how long will well Gordon's a great person even better player and we're definitely miss him as in terms of karate. He brings brings nice little off-beat personality where it's like he's not super talkative, but he's not quiet and then you respect what he says. He's like deep voice and so we'll definitely miss that we're definitely off. Place values a guy that led the second unit. He was a guy even the first, you know, when he was when he was going. So we're going to miss him but I think that it creates opportunities for a lot of guys on his team to walk step up and perform and show I guess what they what they can and and and open up opportunities for myself Romeo the new new guys as well as bearing Nesmith and those guys and maybe expand Smith a little bit as well. So I think we're in a good spot..

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