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They went wrong director too eager to be billion we'll be looking. At the impact fairly. House on businesses and individuals it's just really embarrassing, you want to go in hiding on exploring weather being more. Open about our mistakes might make, us more successful. I love discussion. While someone says this is wrong this is failure we're on. A, mission to find. Out the secret, of failing well that's global business after the news Hello I'm David Harper with. The BBC news the US secretary, of state Mike Pompeo has had diplomatic and economic pressure. Must be maintained on North Korea over its nuclear program but he said he was optimistic that the. Process for denuclearization would be achieved he was speaking after United Nations report. Found that North Korea had not stopped its nuclear and. Missile, programs Mr. Pompeo is. Attending. An Asian regional conference in Singapore charisma the Swannee is that even in the lead up to this summit it was very clear what the US is priorities at the summit we're. Going to be he wanted to emphasize the importance of keeping up. Economic sanctions you know. He said diplomatic and economic sanctions but frankly it's, really the economic sanctions that have taken a real chunk out. Of the North Korean regime's ability, to fund itself. Needs says it's. Vital for Asian governments to keep that pressure up and that. Was, the message he brought to the The summit today thousands of women. In the South Korean capital Seoul taking part in the latest protests against what they say is an epidemic. Of secretly filmed spike ham pornography Joanna jolly reports wearing. Red, t-shirts and with their faces covered the women wave banners with the, slogan my life is not your porn this is the latest demonstration. Against the use of. Secret recordings made on cameras hidden in changing rooms toilets and, public spaces, the finish, from these is shed, widely on, illegal porn sites the protesters say not enough is being done to punish the men who filmed. Distribute and view these images since, they began in may the mass demonstrations have become the. Biggest ever female lead protest movement in South Korea The United. States has urged Zimba as opposition leaders to, accept the official, results of the presidential elections which gave victory to the ruling party's Emmerson Mnangagwa the US State Department said those with grievances should pursue them peacefully through, established, legal, channels China urged respect for this Imbaba and people's choice the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has rejected, the results saying the poll was. Rigged Gladys Tsunga cheerie an election observer helps to register women voters before the, poll in as much as we're able to. Mobilize in get citizens to engage with candidates across political parties. Will also says the a lot of intimidation that was happening especially in rural communities where people what ended those meetings then being threatened to say short the ruling party lose we will deal with you after the election Protesters, in, Iran are reported to of attacked a religious school in the latest in a wave of demonstrations across the country the head of a seminary in the northern town of Esther Hart said five hundred people chanting anti-government slogans trying, to break down doors and light fires sporadic protests in various cities have largely been largely, driven by anger at. The economic situation will news from the BBC The Israeli navy has intercepted a, Swedish flagged activists boat heading towards the Gaza Strip in an attempt to break Israel's blockade of. The territory is the second boat to be seized. In less than a week the vessel called freedom for Gaza was carrying twelve people and medical equipment a Russian helicopter carrying. Oil workers has crashed in the Siberian region of KRAsnoyarsk killing at least, eighteen people the Russian, transport ministry, said the aircraft went down near an, oil, installation about one hundred and eighty kilometers from the town of Isaka. It had fifteen passengers and three crew on board The group of Thai boys who. Spent more than two weeks trapped in a flooded cave have left a. Monastery where they spent time as Buddhist novices eleven boys and their football coach entered the temple in memory. Of a volunteer diver who died during, the rescue the twelfth boy is Christian and was not ordained the authorities have urged the media. To give them time to adjust to normal life In Britain the record-breaking hydroplane Bluebird is due to take to the water shortly for the first time in more than fifty years to, undergo trials, in Scotland high speed boat crashed in the late. District in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven killing the pilot Donald Campbell Katrina Renton reports Donald Campbell was attempting to break his own water. Speed record of two hundred and seventy six miles per hour he had reached speeds of more than three hundred miles per hour when Bluebird flipped and crashed on Coniston water. In the lake district Donald, Campbell lost his life while Bluebird broke up and sank but the jet engine hydroplane that, held seven world records was salvaged from the lake in two, thousand one after a painstaking seventeen year restoration she was loaded onto a trailer and brought onto the isle of. Beauty yesterday evening today she will be lowered onto. The water of lock fired where she will undergo trials Katrina Renton reporting BBC news Received a lot of attention what is it. What does it look like well a face mask worryingly an electric cord attached to, it exactly it's, a rejuvenation It's an American Beauty mask so you strap it. Onto your head? And then it gives you? Electric, shocks for about fifteen.

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