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Three five nine four zero five, and we'll keep you updated along the way because this is going to be a process a believe, Brian. If our memory said that there's obviously they've got about thirty or so they've already completed and this is an ongoing process. Gonna take them into next year. He said he hoped finished by late December early January with all the renovations. And so it's like you said it's gonna own going, and there's going to be news every few weeks to to talk about Brian Dabney with the adventure at agency. Thank you again for including ninety four five WGTK the answer with this. We're so happy to partner with you on. This is just a great project. And again, I I take great pride to that. We will play a small part in hopefully, reintroducing towers east, and and being able to help people who are looking for a a decent affordable place to live in downtown Greenville that will be able to send some folks that way and help them find a home and also helped the capital royalty group as well. Thank you. I appreciate your time. And work of next Tony Lee with county sheriff's office gives us our weekly crime stoppers update that a much more hill ninety four five WGTK the answer. In the middle of. But you've been no everything. Jazz.

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