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Live from NPR News on trial. Snyder Global Corona virus case numbers have set a new daily record, according to a report by the World Health Organization. A number of confirmed cases over a 24 hour period yesterday top 230,000 including more than 66,000 in the United States. NPR's Jeff Brown feel well. The official w tone number probably underestimates the total number of new coronavirus cases each day. Still, it's an indicator of where things are going with this pandemic, and at the moment it appears to be growing fairly quickly. With the rise in Khurana virus cases globally, Florida has reported the highest single day jump in the United States. Florida yesterday reported more than 15,000 new cases. That number exceeds New York speak when it was the epicenter of the outbreak back in April. Amid the debate over re opening schools mid August is the earliest at Arizona. K through 12 schools can start in person instruction under a June executive order, But a growing number of educators doubt the Corona virus crisis in the state will be under control by them. From member station KGC. See Hernandez reports. Education groups are urging Arizona governor Doug Ducey to further delay the start of schools to October. This is as a state continues to see a surgeon covert 19 cases. Phoenix teacher Stacey Brushes is one of them. I don't want to be the teacher that gets cold and have my third graders have to attend my funeral. But I also don't want to be the teacher that has to go to one of my students, Funerals. The Republican governor has previously said he would reevaluate his August target date for school reopening, if necessary for NPR News CEO Hernandez in Phoenix A federal appeals court has ruled that the first federal execution and 17 years may proceed as scheduled today. But family members of the victims of 47 year old Daniel Lewis lease say they plan to take their case to the Supreme Court. Family members say they would be a high risk for the Corona virus if they traveled to a 10 Lee's execution. To Poland. Now President Entree. Duda has won a second term by just a shy of 3% points following a tight race in the second round of the elections. But as me Nicholson report's But his challenger is questioning the result. Poland's electoral commission says Andrea Duda received 51.2% of the vote, narrowly beating Rafael Trickovski. We've got 48.8% votes is still being counted, but the electoral commission says thes won't change the results. Significantly. Thiss means Poland's governing right wing Lauren Justice Party, with whom Duda is closely allied. Can continue its judicial reforms, which has been criticized by the U. As anti Democratic Trajkovski's party. The opposition Civic Platform Group says they're gathering information about a variety of voting irregularities, which reportedly include registration problems on missing postal ballot papers. For NPR news. I'm Ismay Nicholson in Berlin and you're listening to NPR news. The Navy now says 21 people were hospitalized with minor injuries stemming from an explosion and fire on board a ship at Naval Base SAN Diego. A brief statement from a Navy spokesman says those injured include 17 sailors and four civilians. A fire broke out yesterday morning. On the USS Bonham Rashard and raged for hours. Starting this week, The Census Bureau is getting ready to send your knockers to make in person visits to homes that have not yet filled out forms for the 2020 census. NPR's Hansi Lo long reports of bureau, still collecting census responses from households online over the phone and threw the mail in person. Home visits for the 2020 senses are set to start on July 16th in Idaho, Maine, West Virginia, as well as parts of Louisiana, Missouri and Oklahoma..

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