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The putts him zhong on as gotta be neutralised we've got to take him out craig thanks for the call yeah i just don't think that the the nuclear tests trigger earthquakes all the way across the pacific ocean uh thousands and thousands of miles and causing of quakes couple of weeks later in in mexico how 'bout liz liz his in portland oregon hello liz you're on schnitt i wanted to comment on whiten your hope after all why why do you think hey how i doubt the true well there's a lot of moving pieces is a lot of investigating their lot a little spider holes to go down there are so many leads that are so many documents paperwork the investigation is covering areas that you know that we don't even know mean week we know some of the areas that are being investigated like manafort but we weren't even though all the areas that i'm sure that they're they're travelling down i mean they're they're they're climbing down there like spelunker is man visa federal investigators and you have a team of professionals that a ruthless that are working for bob muller here and in a one would hope if there's nothing there that they say this nothing there uh but they are working diligently and we have no idea uh all of the caves in all of the the the rabbit holes video going down because you open up one door does a lead to something else i don't even think we know all the subjects that are being investigated or being talked to and must you look at federal investigations how about whitewater how about the the hillary clinton and the clinton investigation will whitewell how long did that take that was years i might have been four years actually whitewater so these investigations liz with with special prosecutors in special counsel these can take quite some time art monk and find out that i mean what on sunday actually hold at alba prayer you know that india hard and well again the issue is is there any things here yet so far there is no proof that donald trump or the trump family colluded with the russians now even with the stupid move with donald junior taken the.

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