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We're just chatting this morning peak calendar in his in his usual spot hanging out with us. And I would be remiss if I didn't touch on one of the big national stories dividing, you know, literally everyone on the planet. Uh and that, of course. We even have a little intro for it. That, of course, is what exactly is up with Nicki Minaj is cousins, friends. Testicles, got balls, big balls, Such big calls balls and he's got big files. She's got fake ball. Hey, How did we get to a place where the real estate over what making even Ah Zhi thinks and is suddenly what people care about. I mean, the the fact that everyone will fight over every scrap in every square inch of anything. It has to be politicized having to do with covid when in reality Who knows? Maybe the guy did have an adverse reaction. Or maybe he has an STD and lied to his fiancee ahead of the wedding. But it's become to the point where the White House wants to have a conference call with her, and health officials in Trinidad are denouncing her, and then she retweeted, Tucker Carlson, and then the Internet exploded. Mhm. Um, just Health. How glad are you that it's Friday? You know, Uh, well, uh, well, I don't. I don't know, because I think you're assuming that this doesn't get coverage on the Sunday morning Talk show circuit. And no, No, no. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, right. Yeah. So, Yeah. No, it's I will say like, I'm uh I'm of two minds of this on the one hand like I really don't care. You know, it's pop culture figure, you know, arguing About stupid things, and so like, I don't care. But on the other hand, this is where so much of the American populace is. This is where they live like they may not even have been aware of a vaccine until Nicki Minaj just talked about it like that. There are people walking around that may not even be aware there's a pandemic, right? They're just so completely out of touch and divorced from all news. And so this is where they live in. So maybe I don't know, Maybe it It brings some awareness and the fight brings some awareness or something. I think that's why the White House is kind of treating this like it's a serious Attack. And maybe it is for folks on the left because they own the culture. And so when they get somebody from their camp, questioning what they're telling them is the science and the data, then yeah, they see it as something that has to be addressed. I find it to be ludicrous but also You know, battle no kind of informative illustrative of the way The left operates in the culture. Yeah, but why would they even care from a culture perspective when there are literally getting away with The spend the very same disparity of impact that we hear over and over and over again as it pertains to most of these vaccination regulations, you see the video of the that manager up in New York, throwing that black family out of the restaurant. Who was he was? Yeah, he was exerting religious exemption. I don't know whether I don't even know how you determine that you know, frankly, under New York law, they require a letter or some something, but ultimately either, is there Is that vibe right? That vibe that we're supposed to always interpret in these stories like if somebody in a gorilla mask throws an egg at a black political candidate It used to be. That was obviously a hate crime. And now it's not NFL if, if a white manager through black patron out that was a hate crime Well, now it's not So, yes, it's defacto, obvious prime official proof of racism and systemic racism at that, and we are all guilty then of something Because of this one example right, except, of course. If it's a Republican lawmaker or candidate that gets an egg thrown at them by a white woman in a gorilla mask or if it's a It's a black person, asserting, um, that they've got the religious exemption for the vaccine. But people need to understand. There are in fact, two rulebooks here. Right. There are two sets of rules. That's why the charge of hypocrisy doesn't work. Like how long have you been doing Radio? Right. 20 years Now we're selling you like this is this is always been sort of the fight like, Hey, look, they've got a double standard. Hey, look, they're employing a different standard for Republicans, then. The Democrats, but that's always been the way and they literally don't care. And so I'm saying this doesn't move the needle. It doesn't make them say Oh, yeah, You know, you're right. We really should have a consistent standard. They're not going to do that. So like, what's the point? Except to tell folks on the right like Yes. You're not crazy. You're being gassed. Let there is in fact two sets of rules. But beyond that, there's no referee that's going to come in and say Okay, Okay, Democrats, you need to play by the same set of rules because, as I said, they control the culture. They're not going to play by the same set of rules. The Charlotte City Council. A prime example of that is this whole thing, By the way, this whole thing with we have to wait for redistricting to hold local elections. So we're putting stuff off a year has has I Why? There's not more pushback on this. I mean, that's that's in the in most situations when somebody who's supposed to be elected says You know what? I don't feel like leaving right now. It turns into kind of what happened in Haiti, right? Which is what that was for. People don't know. That's essentially the The president was assassinated down there had come in and said You know what? I kind of like it here? I think I'm gonna stick around extra years and and it. It turned into a whole thing. Charlotte City Council now Is sitting here talking about utilizing partisan affiliation and racial data to draw district lines or what some would point out is the exact same thing. The North Carolina General Assembly just faced a 10 year lawsuit over Right. So there's the double standard right from Democrats, right? The same people the same political party that has been arguing for a decade that you should not be able to use racial data to draw lines and that you should not be more recently. You should not be using partisan data like electoral outcomes or party affiliation. They've been saying this for years Now they've been filing lawsuits about it and The Charlotte City Council, just for folks who don't know it's 11 members. They got seven districts to are represented by Republicans, the other five or Democrats and every other seat. There's four other at large seats. Those are all Democrat, too. So it's a 9 to 2 Democrat majority there now drawing the lines and they set the criteria to say We're going to look at population size number one and number two is going to be party affiliation and use racial data as well. And they're trying to Cut out one of the two Republican seats. Or as Democrats like to call it fair maps. That's a fair map to the Democrats. They can get a thing at a 10 to 1 majority in Charlotte. Versus at 92, because you just.

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