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Hey, I've only played twice. Sure. I'm like talk to me, I'm up for voting out Kelly Wentworth, whereas Aubrey and Joe seem like that they're on the same page that Aubrey is talked a little bit. You know, Joe we can hide behind. Joe a little bit. But David's the one person who's open to this idea. And I wonder if that could ingratiate him with the new players to the degree that he is the one palatable returning player the survivor read it posted the greatest thing that they ever posted a couple of days ago. I think which was David's face superimposed on Steve Shemi with that. How do you do fellow kids meme whereas like, how do you do fellow newbies? Which was truly spectacular in a stunning work of Photoshop ary. I hear you the David stuff. And I think one of the things that that points in David's favor. Or at least explains why David is playing the way that he is playing is. This is a guy who is he himself in the preseason like described himself as a Heisenberg in the making that he can imagine himself breaking bad this hurt. He's more of a social butterfly. He thinks about survivor in this way things about survivor and the like where are we in the evolution of survivor right now. Where are we in the state of the game? What is the state of the game? You know, it's why he pitched in the preseason. He wanted to create the first ever fake advantage. He's always thinking about that stuff. Like what hasn't happened yet? And maybe one of the things he's thinking about here is returning players seasons. Always end with returning players. Absolutely demolishing people. He's hearing from people like Wendy that this is something that is already on the minds of some of these players why not lean into it. Why not steer into the accident? And see if he can come out of that in a way where he is less threatening..

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