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Nathan Hager. And I'm Karen Moscow, U.S. stock index futures on the rise this morning. We're coming up to 5 O one on Wall Street and we check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg. S&P futures up 13 points this morning down futures have 96 and NASDAQ futures up 55, the Dax in Germany's F 1.6%, ten year treasury down 1230 seconds yields 2.97% and the yield on the two year 3.03% nymex crude oil is up for 10% at $98 90 cents a barrel, Nathan. All right, Karen, we begin this morning with breaking developments out of the UK time is up for Boris Johnson as we get word the prime minister is finally ready to resign. Let's go live to London and get the latest with Bloomberg's Ewan Potts. Good morning Ewan. Good morning Nathan and Karen Boris Johnson says he's quitting as Britain's prime minister. Even by recent standards it has been a dramatic day on Downing Street a snowstorm of resignations from the government at the beginning of the week became an avalanche by yesterday. In total, more than 50 minutes and aids leaving their jobs in protest. But perhaps the final blow came today when the Chancellor, the second most senior member of the government only appointed to the job on Tuesday, tweeted that Boris Johnson must go now. Well, the p.m. has finally given into the pressure and is now preparing his resignation speech, Nathan. All right, well, you and when is Boris Johnson expected to actually leave office? What are the next steps for the UK government? Well, today's news means that the UK is set to have its fourth leader within just 6 years. Now remember the Conservative Party still has a majority in the British Parliament so it's up to the party to choose a new leader who will then take over as the British prime minister. And leadership contest

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