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Now is something that I didn't think was possible. Both I didn't think you could be Pete Carroll and Urban Meyer. I'm saying he is Urban Carol. No you watch you watch his team play though they are extremely disciplined extremely tough extremely physical and they are having fun like it looks like players coach but they're playing a disciplinarian coach. He's nuts out there. It's insane so I wanted to throw a couple of stats etc here so when the real conversation here the offense is look good. It hasn't looked bad obviously in my opinion. They're the best team in the country right now what they're putting outing on tape not what some bias tells you rank them. I don't know how you could watch all of college football and not say this is the best team in the country because it is and people are saying now even Mark Mesa Jason. It mark may an Paul Finebaum right Paul Finebaum the SEC homer homers the two biggest Douche bags sports media both admitted it. That's how that's how well they're how good they are but the shocking. I don't WANNA say shocking. The most surprising aspect of how state right now is their defense. It's Yeah I'M GONNA throw. Here's a couple of stats for you. This is pro football focus rankings well. What are they fourth or fifth. In the country overall nationally ranked the best defense in College football the second best rushing defense in college football the best tackling defence in college football the best pass rushing college football the best coverage rich pass coverage unit in college football. That's not number one number one number one number one and number two versus the run like that. What what are they going. I think so you think you can't pass against them obviously and he can't run. Well and everyone likes to throw out who who they play. They haven't played anybody. Blah Blah Blah a lot compared to oh but a lot of teams haven't played anyone housed is one of them but they are beating teams so soundly and to be raped ranked number one almost across the board in every defensive category. It's it's unheard of and I mean their offense is performing the fifth the fifth grade offense in college football and the number number three pass offense in college football. The past blocking is subpar. A thirty second in the country rushing offenses subpar twenty-sixth in the country so a little perspective. You're not act like everything is just cooking. It's not but it's this team is playing really well and the other grades don't don't match stats though because Jacob Dobbin stat line is impressive but that's you know obviously grades and film and stats don't always coincide yeah. It's it's you can have have stats like that and there could be a chicken or somewhere and you just you don't realize it until you go to play Michigan State and then it's like Oh shit. Why can't we run the ball yeah well. We can't really run the ball that well. It hasn't been running at Great. That's why you can't run it today but they re the off. The line was player of the game in the unit of the game in my opinion after watching the film and Josh Albee was phenomenal. I mean he came in for Brennan Bowl and when he got dinged and he he was I think he was a player of the Game Brian announced. How's he was offensive player of the game he was dominant and it's what Josh Alabi should be all year long. He's been the best pass blocker when he would go in. I mean these Games are were fortunate enough to get to watch the second unit office line play and he's been the highest graded pass blocker of of all alignment he his run blocking was where he struggled and I read something and correct me if I'm wrong but didn't he switch sides. He was laughter now. He's right or vice versa. You know that's that's how it works. Though you're the sixth Lineman Lineman you're going to have to switch. You're going to have to play and he wanted me. I switched or whatever he was. All backwards in his run blocks up the wrong way a lot. Well what happened is as prince if people remember when he was he was the right tackle when Demarco Jones was there and then last year last year whatever two years ago he switched to left tackle. Which is is your most important position because he was the best tackle but he everything was screwed up his he? He just couldn't couldn't do it and so they ended up. Stud Greg stood Rahula moved him back over the right side and started Thera Mumford at left tackle because that's where is as comfortable as where he was best and it was the best unit so it's definitely different different especially. When you live you live with one foot back for eight years or however long. Play right tackle you you are used to pass sets too. You're right. You're used to run blocking the right everything to the right and then it's like all right. You're moving to the left and it's yeah I mean girls was when they switch up in the dance right but yeah he said it's taken wild but you could see. I think he's getting a lot more comfortable in that other side now yeah. Oh yeah he he definitely is so it was good to see him play. They need that office. Line needs spike and production a little competition. Somebody playing that well where now even the starters are sitting there like ooh I better I better be on my game but I think that that was the that was definitely the unit that I I was most impressed with an and Kudos to Gregson Ron because he's doing a phenomenal job of getting those guys developing those guys in season. I thought they were the under performers early and they're they're starting to come on and you love that because I've said it one hundred times I think on the show certainly in life that the job of an offensive line coach is harder than anything else in football. You have to get five five human beings to operate successfully in succession in sync with one another. It's like that is like even defense. Alignment your your defensive line. Coach doesn't have to do that now. It's more about disruption and defeating blocks. Offensive Line is is that is a hard job on top of that. It's like who in the world old if born find a four year old right now and say hey hey man you. WanNa do something for the rest of Your Life Like Okay Dad would put your face and smashed into this three hundred and thirty pound guy eighty times in a row and then take a shower and go home and then next week. We're GONNA do it again. Like who in the world is like. Oh Yeah I WANNA do that. Yeah no one but the ones that are really good at it love doing it they do through. It's a mentality but it was. It was really cool to see on offense. I mean ah you're watching the best quarterback in the country right now. Seriously the Justin Field Show is in full effect. He's the second highest graded still I said this last week and he still is after this last weekend. The second highest graded quarterback in college football still behind Joe Borough Ninety two point one percent insane what I saw on Saturday though and I had to look up the stats because every time it happened I was like oh he just gashing them every time they blitzed him. This son son of a bitch was gassing them. Just gashing M. C. was six for six one hundred percent completion percentage over one hundred yards passing when they blitzed unbelievable now now he was nine of sixteen when they played coverage and here's what that tells me that shows me that Justin fields is playing extremely well and the scary part Hortas not even close to his ceiling because what he's doing is he's just playing ball. He's just out there. The or the protection breaks down. He gets out there. He makes it throw but when he's sitting back there and reading it he's going to get better at that. Yeah he's GonNa. He's GONNA improve at it for sure and I've been critical of some of the scheme because it's hard to attack seven with four but at the end of the day that that what I said right there should be terrifying to fusions as this kid gets better gains experience experience starts attacking four man rushed seven man coverage defenses. He will be even more unstoppable. Yes I mean this is not a veteran fourth your guy that is just showing the country's the best the best quarterback in the in the in college football. This is a guy that he's just getting started when he starts gaining experience out there just picking apart the defenses in zone or man just picking it apart. That's going to be unbelievable unbelievable and it was it was just it was impressive. All the way around the only other off now the only other player on Ohio State's offense that grades out in the top twenty five nationally. Jk Dobbins is a number twenty four so to to have blinders on and say that this is the most dominant bla-bla-bla like there's there's still some work to be done in Columbus. Let's not not get ahead of ourselves here but J. K. Dobbins continues to gain steam he he he actually so this is a lot of yards. He has a lot of yards but so listen this. He's he's he's avoided twenty two tackles this year already in what four games twenty two tackles and that's fifteenth in the entire country for most avoided tackles but forty seven percent of six hundred and fifty four yards have been on eleven carries who so there's there's. There's a couple different ways to look at that right. There is a well he's not quite as efficient as his numbers may say or he's really explosive explosive because he gets chunk yardage so if if if he gets on over fifteen yard gain forty seven percent of his carries or his yardage is that that's the highest percentage in the big ten. No one in the big ten is getting more explosive runs than him not even John Taylor wow and it's it's it's it's really fun to watch and if that offense. Lichen can keep it going and keep developing and they you can start having more consistency. Jay could have a huge year. He's playing phenomenal but the like I said earlier the real story we line here. Is that defense think about this now. There's just think about if you're a defensive coordinator or if you're a fan it doesn't matter right now well. How state has the the highest graded corner in the Country Jeff Okuda. Obviously he played lights out this again. You had a game. We talked about it last week and he forgot there was a game last week actually but he he remembered remember Saturday. You know you're live right when the ball just kind of falls man laying on the ground there it is you definitely went to church eh but he has the highest grade of any corner in college football right now at eighty nine percent three interceptions three us just plain ridiculous. Oh and what else would you like. Oh how about the fourth highest grade safety in college football in Jordan fuller not bad eighty seven percent. That's not bad all right so now you've got the secondary. They're gonNA be able to cover some people. What else would you like. I don't know how about the highest grade defensive end in college rushing. Yeah I'll take shares. Young has caused twenty one total pressures this year so.

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