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The S &P 500 edged up eight but the Nasdaq composite slipped three all of those indexes not solid gains for the full week be on the lookout for driverless cars General Motors self being subsidiary crews this week has been collecting data about Seattle roads and the city's hilly environment from Monday through Thursday it deployed a small group of its autonomous cars with safety drivers in them to capture real -world data about how the cars can handle the roadways rival Waymo has also been conducting tests Microsoft says it will stop packaging its team's video conferencing app with its office software in in Europe an effort to head off antitrust penalties the tech giant also said it would take steps to make it easier for competing products to work alongside software that's your money now I'm Jim chesco northwest newsradio and then were there only two schools left in the once mighty pac -12 conference bill sports on what's next for a pair of land -grant colleges volunteers care and big volunteers character Tom Tuttle from Tacoma pretty much sums up the mood of cougar nation on this september 1st washington state and oregon state the last pac -12 school standing stanford in california accepted invitations to join the atlantic coast conference in twenty twenty four the move called regrettable by oregon state university president jayatha murthy it's not really unexpected uh... we are prepared for it and have been thinking about it these last few weeks OSU athletic director scott barnes understands the hurt and frustration felt by beaver fans whether uh... it's beaver nation our student -athletes our coaches we all want clarity on this situation and so hang in we're working twenty four seven same for washington state university president kurt schultz i think it's okay be to angry i think it's uh... okay to field leadership including me as president somehow let us down in the room and didn't get job done to put us into a power conference the way maybe university washington oregon did because they play in the san francisco market stanford in california it were attractive partners playing home games in pulmon and corvallis not as much scott barnes says oregon state does have some irons in the fire we're unique circumstance where we can share a lot information uh... it's highly complex uh... negotiations are going on in into states kurt schultz formed an advisory committee helping him in cougars athletic director pat chan in an important decision one that will alter crimson and gray loyalty and the way to do that is going to have people show uh... cheer on the student athletes uh... and make sure that we keep that kook experience it's uh... unique part of what we are if washington state in oregon state camp cobble together a new look pack twelve they might be headed to mountain west or american athletic conference i'm bill s news radio northwest traffic from the big center a quick glance at fairy schedules there's a one -hour wait taking them up to clinton ferry if if your vehicle traffic leaving from the muckle to terminal half -hour delay for the seattle to bring which island ferry in the font laurie fairy is running forty minutes late our next oldest traffic

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