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Said John your host Rick wolf this morning show I want to talk about soccer any particular use high school and travel team soccer there are a lot of things changing these days in the world of youth soccer and I want to spend some time discussing these developments for example last week I mentioned in passing on the show that the U. S. soccer federation because of the pandemic was shutting down all of its spring and summer activities tournaments and events no surprise there but this past week rumors started to fly that the the federation was also going to shut down its long time development academy for talented soccer players and the this past Wednesday that announcement was made but it was unclear as to why the move to shut down the development academy the DA was done was only due to the pandemic or were there other reasons involved not understand that for a number of years high school coaches around the country have chafed at seeing some of their best players leave their high school varsity team to join the DA program these programs have traditionally told high school players to simply make a choice either stay with the DA or you can go back to your high school team but if you go back to your high school team you know I come back to our program now this always struck me as the most difficult and quite frankly unreasonable decision for high school players and their parents at least from my perspective it was a necessary move and now you are such a you will basically U. S. soccer's always insisted that those ten weeks in the fall during the salt will fall soccer season were central to any youngster who ever had any hope to play in college or beyond that they couldn't miss out on the elite D. A. coaching and competition during the the traditional high school soccer season but was that position that point of view really accurate that event I want to talk about this today because the DA program we've probably heard you follow soccer was wiped out this week a lot of things are in motion that is a lot of confusion out there and I want to welcome back to to the sports surge Matt Allen the highly successful head coach of Byram hills high school boys soccer in Armonk New York and you know I say it Matt's got some record he's been the coach of Byram hills for nineteen years it's one of state championship New York state coach of the year in two thousand eight in two thousand sixteen is northeast coach the year two thousand seventeen the national coach of significance he's resides is the president of the sexual coaches association for over a decade Matt this is quite a resume and I know we've talked in the past about your concerns about the development academy and good morning so to talk to good morning he record thanks to the introduction you home that it's all true it you really have put together a tremendous tremendous resume let's talk first about the you know the fact that there is this tradition with the of the soccer federation and the development academy they always seem to to rob high school coaches and subsequently the players the wrong way because of force these top players to have to decide between playing for the high school team or playing for the D. eighteen temp tell me about your your feelings about that and how how it's involved over the years when you have you been coaching of Byram hills right I think the intention of the of the DA program is in is in the right the fact there was supposed to take the top one percent of players and and put them at a higher level which which is understandable you you want to make sure that you showcased on the major issues through the years has been the idea that the MLS clubs the twenty six MLS clubs who have their would have their teams and that would really be a a will wind up happening was they expanded so much to Q. before shut down a hundred and sixty plus teams kind of watered it down a little bit it would start to happen was up I take a full set of goods being sold to some of the average or above average soccer players to to play in this academy system and it was placing a drain on on on the high school programs and the surrounding clubs that were not necessarily regarded academy okay so basically is he said this is this was a sort of making false promises are all offering kids and their parents sort of a sense like okay if you come here you go playing is better competition you'll get better coaching you'll get better showcases if though if your youngster hopes to go on to play in college at some point maybe turn pro and now they say that's the DA is gone Matt this is a is this is this is a guy said he was good news for you are you happy with the situation well yes and no the the problem folding up the academy system is that they really haven't given us parameters on what what they're gonna do going forward anything else is gonna stop off and replace it you know one of the frustrating things from the DA was the fact that their age groups are broken up into fourteen sixteen and nineteen so you're taking the average fourteen year old before he gets the high school to make a decision as to whether or not he's gonna play for this academy or play for for high schools so the decision was pretty much already made for them no the issue really is is is geographical our country is really big and you only have twenty six teams so you could take a fourteen year old who's living in New York have issued out to you know one of the new teams coming up here about the Charlotte for for game and the actual release no so where what we're waiting for a check with a lot of the sexual high school coaches are waiting for is one of the academy teams gonna do where they can form their own leads is the MLS gonna form a leak for example New York is on the Red Bull gonna form with let's say that she Westchester and and and join a league here and what type of leader they gonna run it again right at twelve months a year ago right at nine months a year well that's exactly what I was living up to and we're talking with Matt Allen this morning and friends will take your calls about this because we're all sort of scratching our heads and confused as to what happens next of course our number is one eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six we'll take your calls and comments Matt what is going to happen because this went down now there's a vacuum well they have the complications with with the pandemic and nothing really happen this spring or summer and it looks like in the US is going to come in now and try to sort of fill this void but I also know that the the elite clubs National League the S. E. C. N. L. which is traditionally known for its great women's programs girls programs they want to join the fray and old session on the west coast number of the boys programs of our joining with the E. C. N. L. so what is gonna happen who's going to come forth now and say okay forget the D. A. that that didn't work we lost a lot of money on it a lot of the distant make sense do you get the sense the MLS is gonna come announcer organizes and step up and say okay we'll we'll cut through all the the clutter and and figure this out so people know what's happening well we also I mean the the local clubs in and around Westchester county New York Stock love for example some pretty good in contacting and getting with high school coaches we're kind of hoping that the model that they adopted is a nine month model kind of open that some leaders on the U. S. landscape like American although we'll we'll reach out any we know for sure that he is one that says the motion applying high school is so much more important than playing in these really fabricated games on the on the academy level so we're really hoping that I think successful supersectional really hoping that the clubs will allow the kids to play to play both and and look to support one another that would be probably a best case scenario yeah I mean I would think that does make a lot of sense look obviously you as I just a little too in your your record you've coached and had great success at the at the high school level for two decades I know over the years it had to be troubling to you when you put so much time and effort into developing young players and also to go to a chance to really shine at the varsity level suddenly say coach I have to the side I think of like parents like playing for the development academies a better move up from my personal situation but I really want to play for from my high school and and where the school colors and so on so forth these are agonizing decisions and I might I was sort of thought well Jeez it is like these kids are not doing anything for the ten weeks during the course of the high school season they're actually up playing competing and being coached and and and and playing with her friends I never understood how come the the the federation people to the DA people thought it was so you know losing those ten weeks was crucial and with some help set back these kids and their and their progress yeah and especially where you're from to I'm in Westchester county it's a bit of an of an affluent county and and we're surrounded by a couple academy teams of I believe there's five academy teams within a thirty mile radius of where I am so it's a bit of a static thing too that goes on with academy if you get a lot of players who may not necessarily be in the top one percent may be in the top five ten percent who are kind of lord into playing in this week as it has a lot of status and that creates a little bit of a of a problem as well especially for the players in high school who are left seeing some of their friends go off and play yeah it's it's been a challenge in this county especially I think for a lot of the for a lot of teams because it's a little bit unknown to you don't know whether or not your player's gonna go they have to make the team and what happens when they don't sell it there is a lot of that as far as the as far as the academies are concerned let's let's take some calls or for Matt Allen that's let's go to Roger who's calling this morning from Wisconsin good morning Roger you're on the fan Hey Rick how you doing good how are you all right good so I've been watching what's happening with soccer on the lacrosse guy yeah and the cross trainer was sort of had the camel peak peak in their nose under the tent with the same type of thing of starting you know this uber program of you know putting the bass with the fast all the time we have to do that a hundred percent of the time when I thought your percentage earlier was right one percent of the kids need to be in this program and the ultimate result of this is that hurts high school at hertz multi sport athletes than ever you know I worry that soccer doesn't think multi sports good which you preach on your show and I'm also worried that they're going to wipe out high school sports that they keep going this way so thanks for your opinion on that of multi sport and they're all prices will be in a trouble of that's yeah Roger that's a good question and and and thank you for the call.

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